The Path To Actualising Wholeness In Life By Wiese,Christian.

Choose Who You Spend Quality Time With Carefully.

The attitude and perception we have towards life as on ao average linked with the five(5)people we spend most of our time with on earth hence the proverb"show me your friends and l will tell you the kind of person you are."Therefore,it is worthy of note to critical know the kind of persons we spend time with as the people we spend most of our time with matters,and they go along way to affect our attitudes and perception in life

David Pink states in his New York Times Bestseller;"A Whole New Mind" with the premise that are all on a journey to wholeness.In a spiritual quest to discover who we truly are,he states thus:"it is a natural evolution to become androgynous(a balanced combination of male and female attributtes)."Professionally,he figured that societies and economies will make the transition from left brain(logical,analytical,and objective)to right brain(intuitive,thoughtful and subjective)This thesis of his might resonate with many persons but the fact remain that in the system being operated today,we can achieve wholeness,all we must do is express our individuality in our life story passionately and purposefully,and the wholeness will naturally find the individual.Through the above statement,it is important that as individuals we choose the five(5)persons we spend most time with carefully as its an important part of our individual development and personality.The right people will complement your energy perfectly and allow you

to become the one you were born to be,nothing more and nothing less. The interplay of Yin and Yang and the subconscious drive to bring opposing forces together can be found everywhere.Law Tzu understood this law of life 2,500 years ago in ancient China and shared his observation in the Taw Te Ching.Take a close look around your environment and you will observe the law of reaction and counter reaction.Yin changes hands with Yang all the time.The spiritual travellers however are called to understand this tension and encouraged to transcend it. It is therein written in 'The Tao Te Chang thus;"The master resides at the centre of the circle,watching the world spin."

Take a critical observation of any group of people and you'll see the dance of Yin and Yang therein.Every group of persons you meet as an individual on earth have a lesson or two to teach you as a spiritual traveller,learn the lessons therein with detachment,move on and grow without losing your individuality,purpose and personality.Many spiritual travellers can see that the subconscious drive towards wholeness is inherent everywhere.Love,respect and study your parent for a single day,and you'll find yourself embarking on a mission that they couldn't quite finish.Study the lives of your in-laws if you have any for a while,and some of their struggles will likely make it into your household as well.We are one,and we all have signed up for a joint healing mission.Work,home,the interaction with friends and family as well as the spiritual journey;they all strive to bring about wholeness thus make whole,to complete,and eventually ,to let go.This can be found in all areas of our lives.

The system of people interacting with each other strives ultimately for wholeness,but this does not have to be true for the individual.

The mother of three(3)boys may accentuate for feminity,subconsciously compensating for the prevading high testosterone level in the home.The system has to be balanced,and the individual must be made whole by the environment he operates in. 

Live Life  Perfectly.

Along a spiritual path,a clearer understanding of who we truly are. like a snake that shades its skin we let go of the parts that are not us. in some dimension, we become whole, in others, we allow others complete us while expressiong our idiosyncratic story Neale Walsch presented a beautiful story that describes our Home coming journey best in "A conversation with God."in it God states that in order to return to the light, we must make it through all the rainbow colours. be that passionate red, or embrace the serene blue, just as it feels right. Whatever you go through, in all the way! express your life story perfectly:the eccentric artist, the passionate lover, the driven spirital teacher, the giving care taker, or the loving and commited mother. What ever your story is, go, and run with it, live it, enjoy it, flow in it, learn the lessons life setups there for you, and grow as soul.

GOD has designed to bring you Home.He has carefully chosen your support system in such a way that it allows you to express yourself as GOD envisions. Express your life story perfectly and you will make it through all the rainbow colours soon enough. That's when old souls become androgynous and seemingly float above all of life's temptations and obstacles. We emanate from wholeness and will one day eventually return to it.Wholeness is our birthright, therefore, lets claim it now as tomorrow might be too late.

Who or what is a spiritual traveller?,
 We are one thus interconnected even to animals and plants,

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