Sometimes, its often hard to recollect memories especially when its needed, something triggers the recollection of memory,e.g events, speech etc.Some events can trigger memory recollection, some people find it hard to recollect things except an event takes place or speech, in order words,a word can be said or a sentence might be made which helps the brain to recollect.The brain is a place that stores information, its like a computer it shuts such information which needs a key to open when it is needed and this is where memory recollection comes in. 1/3rd of our brains is not used now the question there is if 1/3rd our brain is not used how come we forget things so easily?Far back centuries ago,people easily remembered things because the world was not as complicated as it is now.Why is it so  now? Carbons being burnt into the atmosphere was as not much and the population was less, thereby, the food we ate where not contaminated as it is today.

The carbons which are burnt today infiltrates the air which we breath causing sickness to not on only our organs but our brains too. its affects our brains more because everything we do, think and remember is stored in the brain. When this acidic substance is being release into the air. when we breath it into our system, it goes directly into the brain, damaging parts of the brain cells which can cause tumors, known as brain tumor, cancer of the brain or adnensia. What can be done to help reduce this trend and help build the brain to function even with all this?Physcological theraphy. train the mind on healthy issues that build the mind and being positive things to play, eating healthy foods such as fruits and vegetable, meditating and early morning mind excerise. have a positive mind set and be determined to succeed. reading positive , educative and developmental materials. the kind of materials one injest as an individual can make or mar the individual's personality.

It is worthy of note that we should always eat healthy foods that contain protein, vitamins and essentials minerals for the development of the brain especially pregnant women and  young children. The increase of the productive people in a nation is partially due to this as the intellectual development of its populace is largerly dependant on the lifestyle of the people and whether the life style is an healthy one. the nutrients taken in especially by the youths must be given due attention as this affects the brain significally and so for poor nations, their students are not adequately equipped in this matter as many families are unable to give their children balance diet as against richer nations, but this is only true of the poor in these nation as the rich can and do feed their children properly to face the challenges involved with the intellect and development of the brain. in order to easily access from the recess of the brain, data stored,it is essential to eat healthy,

The individual must have right from when the foetus was in the mother's womb given adequate nutrients and thats when the brain is being developed, there's no defeats as some people later discover in life even from a tender age that their children had some form of defeats though this can equally occur from medication,alcohol and smoking during pregnacy.It is pertinent that the brain be well developed during pregnancy in order to function properly at the later stage in life of an individual.This is because most of the socio-economical activities of individuals are connected and actualise with the adequate use of the brain.The brain must be able to co-ordinate all the activities of the body for the individual to function properly and adequately thus the importance of the brain can not be over emphasised as the very success of any individual or collective group of persons is largely equally due to how such an individual or person can recollect,co-ordinate facts and figures or data and then plan for goals

and achievements.There is the need for rest and leisure in the life of any individual who wishes to use the brain adequately,as to over stress the body and brain can lead to health issues and ill health.Therefore,it is adviceable to balance body,soul ,mind and the brain adequately to function properly and them achieve goals and dreams of great magnitude.To ignore this balance whether as an individual or as a group of persons spells nothing but doom.Its adviceable to make hay while the sunshine shines as without light its impossible to achieve anything in  life.

What can affect the development of the brain?                
What can the brain achieve? How to recollect issues

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