Conversation With GOD ( Part 2 ) By Wiese,Christian

"Welcome To Earth School."  
Take risk in life.        
If you win, you can lead!                       
If you loose, you can guide. (Swami Vivekananda) Welcome to the earth,which in reality is a school where everyone will eventually graduate,but some get the lesson plan sooner than others,most persons run after their desires and thereby overllook some essential information and details on their perceived plan to happiness and harmony.However,the spiritual travellers hold the essential and needed curriculum in hand and is conscious of the fact that every event that takes place and every encounter with someone is in the actual sense a symbol of sort to help the individual in the spiritual journey of life.

It is therefore a choice for love thus one of progress,growth and development or a response to fear thus one that stagnates,stunt growth and consequently does not give rise to development.When we travel this spiritual journey for some or a few years,then we begin to get the hang of it and then we are granted us to gain immense insight and understanding of ourself and purpose and others.

However, sometimes the mind thus ego plays its mastery on us by tricking us therefore fooling us despite our good intentions,but it doesn't really matter because thats exacatly what earth school is designed to be by God."The cat and mouse race."The truth is that our souls signed up for earth school because we are not perfect thus must go through the circle of life in order to gain perfection but its a life time journey of sorts.The spirit is conscious and therefore can differciate between whats wrong and right in God's sight as we daily come face to face with life's confusing choices and SHE(Spirit)is the wisest and most patient teacher there is and will ever be.Though sometimes we see the ego manufactured world and sometimes we see the world of spirit,we are destined to advance no matter the challenges and obstacles,so be encouraged to move forward boldly and courageously,and live life to its fullest,therefore manifest what really matters to you in joy as Vivekananda rightly puts it thus we may be

in a position to show others how to advance not only spiritually but also physically or we may have a lesson of life to share in order for other persons to use as leverage for growth and development both spiritually and physically,either way,we are bound to advance as soul with every step we take. The world of symbols must be taken note of by all spiritual travellers.          

SPIRIT:Soul's life is self symbol and must not be triffled with.Our soul is healed when we see SPIRIT in action.Our self therefore our nature and personality will gain wisdom and wholeness and our life even in the physical will experience growth and development,but whenever we miss a step,SPIRIT educates us no matter what,therefore,be excited about the challenges of life no matter what even as the youngster whe finally heads for college is,and learn what life has to offer,either way,you'll either be a great leader to lead others positively or a guardian to guide others on the positive path in life.Earth school looks out for you gladly.
Welcome To Earth School.

The road map of life. 

What is the earth? 

How to live life.Welcome To Earth School.

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