How To Know Who You Are. By Ekpo,Juliet.E.

Soul's journey to discovery of itself in a human body is not an easy one and is often filled with perils,confusion,anxietyand unacceptance but nevertheless is an inevitable one that all souls must embark on at a particular earth life signed on by that individual soul.It can be likened to one embarking on a journey on a small boat and going out into the mighty ocean for an unknown land.

How To Know Who You Are. 

The boat signifies the human body,the senses including the intellect but as soul you are more than the senses you have been given as humans on earth as in reality all creatures are soul including humans thus you are actually soul embarking on human experiences and much greater than the human you see yourself as,this is due to the fact that as soul you are more than flesh and blood and connected to the infinite.This invariably means that you are ageless,timeless and beyond space.The spiritual journey however can only be  embarked upon by soul and not by the flesh and blood,this invariably means that humans live in a world of illusion when life on earth is viewed as the ultimate for all thats at the human level is in reality an illusion,and everything on earth unreal put there to keep soul  from discovering its true identity.True life begins for an individual when soul unfolds thus begins its spiritual journey of life in order to know who you truly are,consequently your true identity revealed.

The true identity of an individual can only be discovered when that individual embarks as soul on a spiritual journey,when you take that journey then the words "man know thyself and thou shall know all things" will be clear and relevant to you not as human but as soul.This is because as a human,you know nothing outside time and space but you are beyond time and space.You are soul and therefore are unlimited thus great but as human, you are limited thus bound to time and space consequently,irrelevan t as all you strive for on the human level is illusory thus insignificant in the real sense of your existence but many souls are yet to become conscious of it and live many earth life in this illusion thus the circle of life continuously befalls them as until they let go of the illusion for the real thus letting go of the false for the truth,they remain in darkness as to who they truly are and their purpose in life and as such are yet to live life in its real sense and know the truth through the life they thereby live.

The process of soul gaining consciousness  is an automatic event pre determined by the infinite thou the infinite is timeless and as such soul is timeless.All souls have been on earth repeatedly but without the knowledge of their past because of the cloak called the human body and the sensibilities given to humans thus many opportunities granted to all souls to gain consciousness or awaken on to the spiritual journey of life.The awakening process is unique to each individual and specific to each at its pace,space and comfort and the beauty of this process is beyond the language of the human intellect as its magnificent and truly great though frightening at the initial stage but the eniightenment and radiance of light forges soul ahead in its loving embrace and though souls journey is an unending and an unlimited one as the radiance invariably the infinite draws soul like a magnet towards its light and radiance thus a spirit of love flows in such an individual and consequently from such an individual spread across to others and the universe.

The soul thereby becomes a link with the infinite and a conductor of positive energies to help the universe.This is due to the fact that soul is unlimited as within as soul are  talents of great magnitude,not one or two but many and they are for the benefit of the universe.The journey of soul is a life time one so there's no hurry as the human experiences are life's lessons for not only the unfolding process but also for the growth and development of soul.They are tests placed on souls path to achieve great feats and become the real(Truth) not the illusion(falsehood) In the process of realising who you truly are as an individual use each experience you encounter as a stepping stone and all the challenges as a ladder to greatness and happily welcome and embrace them as means to showing your spirit of resilence and will bring progress and development to you both spiritually and physically as an individual.Learn the lessons that life brings for where the lessons are not learnt, they are always placed there repeatedly until one learns and moves on. 

Realise that you are not just flesh and blood as the earth and all the illusionary things will have you believe, you are more than human. You are greater than the human beings you are made to believe you are. In truth,you are soul thus greater than human. The human is only your body and and your senses including the intellect and that's why your thus programmed to believe you are nothing more than that.The earth and all the illusionary forces(falsehood) have a duty to keep you in that state of ignorance so that you never gain consciousness.This includes the world system, government, education, religion and the mundane things of the earth including your intellect.They are programmed to keep you earth bound.But the earth is not your true home,your home as soul lies beyond the boundaries of the earth in luminious realms some call heaven or paradise but that's soul abound(home) and soul is conscious of it, because its link with the infinite consequently the radiance of light,love and life.

Souls path to self discovery.
 The process of awakening.
The path to gaining consciousness. 
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