MBALA:GODDESS OF THE SUN EL And The Powers That Be By Ekpo,Juliet.E (Episode 16)

Mbala:Goddess Of The Sun Episode 16 EL And The Powers That Be By Ekpo,Juliet.E.

Isiris known on earth as Wayne has gathered his forces as he has grown to become a very powerful man with even his own legions,together with Lucifera they agreed that Ra must have sent his workers from the celestial realms to defeat them and that they will surprise him for not only had Lucifera captured many mortals to fight their course but so had Isiris and they knew that those they captured were doomed for Lucifera intends to use them at the fore front of the battle with his black magic being very conscious of the fact that though his antics will help them but their souls will be entrap to the lower realms and it will be very difficult for them to release themselves unless by the divine intervention of the upper beings which rearly manifests for mortals.To him this is the price for their foolishness as on earth,wealth,fame and societal recognition he accorded them and they foolishly thought themselves wise,but he knew better.

What Lucifera gives to them is not worth what he takes in return from them as their alligence to him and loyality invariable means that they must embrace his evil magical powers and fight all that is good.He relishes this fact that the majority of mortals are now at his beck and call and he controls even their will unknown to them and like puppets le moves them to do his evil antics to elevate himself to the highest of realms in his own consciousness,where Ra occupies in the celestial realms.

EL on the other hand is battle ready and together with Mbala:Goddess Of The Sun and other celestial beings including Hera are out right ready with the few remaining light carriers sent by Hera on earth to devastate the whole evil host of Lucifera and they intend to compuere them not with any other means but with the power of the infinite one.

EL'S consciousness is of the infinite as he is the force and what mortals call unknown one for in reality he is all and in all including the forces he now decides to battle including the mortals but they are the least of his concern for his concern is with the higher realms of consciousness and the human element have failed to reach that consciousness and for that reason now stand with those of the lower realms in battle against him but even the intellectual prowness and other senses he endowned them with it all and what he gave to them they in turn,turn round to fight him with but its impossible to conquere EL.

EL in all his might envelops all his celestial light and the few remaining light carriers in his infinite radiance as this is the only way that he can conquere the evil of Lucifera through the use of black magical arts,his radiance will protect those of these realms from the harmful effects of the black arts and to wade off the dark swords of Lucifera from the few remaining light carriers on earth,he cloaks them with a celestial body that can withstand the evil consequently,no harm will come to them in the battle that will eventually take place in Avalo.

Lucifera gathered his force together with that of Isiris and sought out all over Britaina the few remaining light carriers with the sole aim of estinction as their very existence potends that they must leave the planes of the earth together with those mortals who had stood with them to fight Ra,for both of them believe that the light carriers came from him.

All the earthly structures those loyal to Lucifera gave to him to use including the educational and religious institutions,so he know that as far as mortals are concern,he has all of them in the palms of his hands and they will accomplish his desires for him but this light carriers he just could not fathom out as even in painful death,they refuse to bulge to his will and no matter how he tried to enter their consciousness,he could not and he refuses to accept defeat,no way will Ra conquere him.

MBALA:GODDESS OF THE SUN EL And The Powers That Be By Ekpo,Juliet.E (Episode 16) MBALA:GODDESS OF THE SUN EL And The Powers That Be By Ekpo,Juliet.E (Episode 16) Reviewed by julie sasha on March 28, 2018 Rating: 5

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