MBALA:GODDESS OF THE SUN The gathering By Ekpo,Juliet.E (Episode 13)


Episode 13 SUN The gathering

The gathering of light carriers has made many of them travelled from distane lands to Britaina and this is not only from Hera's consciousness but together with that of Mbala:Goddess Of The Sun.In her movement towards EL,Mbala:Goddess Of The Sun consciously together with EL raises theirs to a higher frequency thus they are more power and resilent in the actualisation of the task set before them as though they are amongst men and gods,they are more power because of their connection with EL and Mbala:Goddess Of The Sun as though seen in the female form,she is the embodiment of all that has life and the guardian of the bridge of life,without her filtering the raw energies before it reaches other realms,all will be consumed yet the raw energies does not consume her as she gives balance to all forms whether visible or invisible.

Britaina,the same land that Lucifera in the person of King Lucius rules his subject without equity,fairness and justice and many have decided to flee,thats where EL designs to manifest his power and supremacy over gods and man but not directly as is the case with Lucifera but with the light carriers,for them to succeed equally is not an easy task as they are equally encountering the dark side of EL in reality and he is conscious of it but they are not.The ultimate is that he alone is the source but in him is equally the dark and the light but all are his and he is all.This are his various forms in different perspective but still him.

The light carriers are however closer than the others as these have over the centuries maintain their light radiance and thus enveloped their being in purity but the other forms thrown further from him equally as a result of their inability to do same.The gathering though difficult and many losing faith along the line as once a light carrier is caught within the boarders of Britaina,such and the family that habour them are executed in a most gruesome manner as a deterient for others and a handsome reward for any who can bring their where about to the knowledge of the king or queen.As a result of these many of them were slaughter mercilessly by the king and his cohorts and given a name thus:"enemies of land."They are unwanted in Britaina and thus unwelcomed their.Their task indeed an heculean one must be accomplished and as the day goes by their number dwindle to the excitement off the king who tells his men to kill them all including the children and babies,making conscious that to allow them live is to say

you are equally an enemy of the land.No one desires this to be his fate in Britaina and so all and sundry bow to Lucifera not only as king but as a god on earth.He relishes the fact that he can slaughter many light carriers without any challenge from anyone as many in Britaina and the neighbouring lands seek friendship with king Lucius in order not to incur his wrath and bring war as his men are know to conquere which ever land they go to battle with but Lucifera is no friend to man or god and his only friend is his quest for power and supremacy over all the realms and RA.What many do not know is that king Lucius uses dark powers of magic to win all his battles and what he equally lacks knowledge of is that it is not RA he battles as he conceives but EL and that the gathering is a trap that EL has put in place to vanquish him to a greater oblivion beyond his own concept.

Lucifera is of the opinion that the light carriers are loyalist and servants of RA and he as a coward who can not fight his own battles has decided to send them and unknown to him that RA has resolved tire issues in the celestial realms and that no challenge is there any more and not RA but EL is the force that now contends with him and that the gathering is his means of entrapping not only him but all dark entities and workers of darkness.
MBALA:GODDESS OF THE SUN The gathering By Ekpo,Juliet.E (Episode 13) MBALA:GODDESS OF THE SUN The gathering By Ekpo,Juliet.E (Episode 13) Reviewed by julie sasha on March 09, 2018 Rating: 5

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