MBALA:GODDESS OF THE SUN The gathering By Ekpo,Juliet.E (Episode 15)

Mbala:Goddess Of The Sun Episode 15 When Light And Darlness Meet In Battle By Ekpo, Juliet.E.

The gathering of light carriers in Britaina is due to the meeting of Mbala:Goddess Of The Sun With EL as its his divine entrapment for Lucifera and his cohorts for EL consciously choose the land because of not only its strategic position but also because of his knowledge about king Lucius.Together though with an accomplise from the celestial realm EL knew that though the dark rays envelops Britaina and for this reason Lucifera choose to be born there,he and Mbala from realms beyond all others can through their union forge undestructive rays of light across all realms beneath theirs and only those within their union can survive it.

Lucifera thinks that as the king of Britaina he holds the key to all that transpires in the land and its neighbouring ones,but the union of EL and MBALA  had forged a very strong light and radiance such that all forces felt its impact except for both of them as all realms felt it include the dark workers,for no matter how they tried to fathom its source,they could and because of this they all sort audience with the king Lucius and even the queen with all her dark magic could not understand it and this surprise as she summond her greatest magicians from near and far to meet with her and the king.The king had however reasoned that a very powerful light carrier has been born and it is this birth that is giving them discomfort,so he called on his men to double their effort and fish out the child but it is not a child that brings this great light that unsettles them and other realms but the union between EL and MBALA.This is so that they will in their union envelop the few light carriers on earth to fight the dark

workers of Lucifera unto their perpertual destruction.EL recognises the fact that the darkness has enveloped many mortals and even some of those in the celestial realms who had left the way were without their normal state of consciousness and all their effort to gain recognition in order to understanding what was happening in the various realms proved abortive.

The meeting between the king and the great magicians with many dark workers together with the queen attracted so much attention to Britaina that many persons in the land began to wonder what was amiss as many persons trouped to the the land in large numbers and this was not the usual thing as previously many were apt to leave the land but suddenly large number of persons entered the land and many headed for the palace and some of them looked very strange by the standard of ordinary people.Pitirus,the wise one was conscious of what is happening and unknown to many had lived in the forest of Avalo but many light carriers on reaching there perceived and knew that Avalo was kept for them from the onset for this very purpose for Avalo has a shield of protection that came from beyond the earth and its serenity reminded them of their celestial home beyond the earth though sadden by the death of many of them in the hands of Lucifera,the were happy to behold the gaze of the great wise one in their midst as the knew

The battle between the light carriers and the workers of darkness is not an ordinary one as EL and MBALA are conscious that Lucifera will make use of black and dark magic even to the extent of using demons to fight hence they must equip all the remaining light carriers with their full power and radiance in order for them to conquere him hence their gathering in Avalo with the great wise one for from him will they receive the weapons for the warfare.They are all aware that this is the reason why they were sent on earth but none of them have been trained to use physical weapons as they see mortals on earth do in warfare.

Indeed Avalo is where the few remaining light carriers will be trained and equipped to come out victorious but their training and equipment is to be with the highest force that is the union between EL and MBALA.

MBALA:GODDESS OF THE SUN The gathering By Ekpo,Juliet.E (Episode 15) MBALA:GODDESS OF THE SUN The gathering By Ekpo,Juliet.E (Episode 15) Reviewed by julie sasha on March 22, 2018 Rating: 5

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