MBALA:GODDESS OF THE SUN The Radiance Of EL And MBALA At Work By Ekpo,Juliet.E (Episode 14)

Mbala:Goddess Of The Sun By Ekpo,Juliet.E.

Mbala:Goddess Of The Sun Episode 14 The Radiance Of EL And MBALA At Work  By Ekpo,Juliet.E.

The inhabitants of Britaina for a long time lived in fear as king Lucius is not a kind and loving king and neither is the queen,many left the land in fear as any found either habouring any light carrier or speaking against the king was immediately sent to an early grave and Lucifera liked it,in fact he loved it and so did his wife but EL had purposely sent the wise one Piturus there as he knew that others will eventually converge there too but he equally knew that Lucifera will kill them once he knows who they are on earth and in the thought that by killing them,Ra will surface to save them,and this will be his undoing for like many in the lower worlds believe what is an illusion put there by their unconscious state therefore their mind that Ra is the ultimate,EL is conscious that that is falsehood and decides to use that against Lucifera thus the very thing that gives him power is what is to be used against him,his ignorance about EL and MBALA.

In the higher realms however,all in the celestial realms are once again loyal to Ra and Zeus and Horace are no longer at each others neck over power and supremacy and this gives more credence to the success of  Hera but she is equally conscious that its Mbala:Goddess Of The Sun movement in realms higher than hers that has brought this forth as their unity will give more energy to successful accomplishment of her goal.Indeed,she is conscious that Lucifera has slaughter many light carriers and delights in this fact because he views them as his greatest enemy for mortals cant withstand him but these one can and in fact in truth if many are one earth can conquere him and he  wont be able to accomplish his goal of conquering Ra,he can not afford to allow any of them live and so he instructs his men and cohorts to kill them all even the unborn one in the womb should any of the females amongst them be pregnant and equally kill who ever habours them,this causes many of them to dwell in the underground areas and live

as wonderers even in Britaina as they do not because of the threat of being killed stay long at a particular location,they resort not to stay with the locals as many of them are killed because of this and their numbers dwindled by the day as the king had put out a bounty for anyone who had information about them and many betrayed them to collect the bounty and even endangered themselves in the process because even as they collected the bounty,they and their families were later killed as enemies of the land and the bounties and all their possesions given to the king.Through this means king Lucius amassed not only mass expanse of lamd but great wealth in gold and other precious stones as many of these persons were noble men in Britaina who were wealthy but these were the least of his concern but the queen loved it and encouraged the royal guards as they were referred to to bring in more wealth and be endeared to the king and of course herself but she could equally sense that her husband had other worries

and she knew its those foolish individuals who refuse to bow to him as not only their king but equally their god and will rather prefer to die than submit to him.She must device another means to raid Britaina of all of them even if it will cost her the last drop of blood in her vein and this she can only accomplish with the use of her magical powers.Yes! The time to use her dark powers amongst the mortals is now else she and her husband will loose the battle with Ra and this is one battle they cant afford to loose and so she enters are inner chambers and surmons the demons and dark entities to fish out all the light carriers in Britaina for a handsome reward of taking an exalted position with the lord of the dark worlds,those of them among mortals should meet with her in the kings palace.

EL and MBALA on the other hand have decided to forge into the lower realms from their energies,a greater one than usually and in this forging rather than filter EL's energies,MBALA is to forge it with hers and issue it into existence.Both are conscious of its consequence but this is the means to entrap Lucifera and his cohorts on earth though it will bring great damage to not only the earth's surface but to other realms and solars and even the celestial realms but this must be done to ascertain that Lucifera does not win this battle or any other one again  for that matter.

MBALA:GODDESS OF THE SUN The Radiance Of EL And MBALA At Work By Ekpo,Juliet.E (Episode 14) MBALA:GODDESS OF THE SUN The Radiance Of EL And MBALA At Work By Ekpo,Juliet.E (Episode 14) Reviewed by julie sasha on March 18, 2018 Rating: 5

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