Embarking on the spiritual journey is like moving into a small boat to take a journey into the big ocean thus starting off to an unknown land filled with anixety, confusion, uncertainity and many a times fear, often, it is fear of the unknown that asails the sojouner who is not even certain of the conditions that will befall him but must however embark on the said journey with resilence and assurance of making it to its desired destination.           

The spiritual journey of all souls begins when soul is awakened from slumber as soul and not as human. Many persons are of the conviction that life ends at the human level but this is not true for the real life is that of soul as the human life in reality is an illusion of sort and not life in the real sense of the word "life." To live life in the real sense of the word, the human soul must gain consciousness thus be awakened from its sleep and made to face the lessons of life through its experiences.


It's sensibilities as soul will thus be sharpened consequently,it's intuition,perception and inert talents brought to light. These were all domant when soul was in slumber. The small boat is symbolic of the human body and the journey on a big ocean symbolic of the world and the experience, that's soul have to go through the human experience.The human state is a limited one but soul is not for the truth is that the conscious soul is unlimited thus not bound by time and space as is human. This journey all souls must consciously go through is a life long one and is inevitable.  Those who are already awaken, welcome to the journey to life for that's what it is.The state of consciousness of a human as soul begins at soul's true journey of life. As all that is of the human is an illusion and is not on the path of life. Many have to be awaken from slumber by the angels and thereby they'll start seeing numbers that stick to their consciousness and they can't seem to shake it away until they find out what's happening.

This is known as the wake up call from the inner being of an individual.This is because the journey in reality is not an outer one though as the individual involved gains more consciousness and grows in mastery of its inert talents,the outer is equally involved as the soul is then invariably a spiritual being going through human experiences and the soul will be conscious of this.The big ocean invariably the world of gross material element is equally laid bare before the soul in its true nature and the conscious soul will in turn know that its false and illusive thus turn from it consciously.Many individual if not properly guided can loose hope and faith even in themselves and despair can consequently set into such an individual's life.Why? Many due to lack of guidance allow negativity instead of positive thought patterns to fill their soul and thereby draw unto themselves dark entities instead of light angels and ascended masters thus create inbalance in their life.Some persons even try to deny the truth

and thereby try to run from who they truly are,this is because once you gain consciousness as soul,,you are given recognition of who you are,the purpose of life and many answers to issues that previously you had no answers to thus you gain insight and knowledge that many others dont have.The deceit in people you'll sense and perceive those who are true and those sorry to say who are still in the human state.

The process thus gives you the truth about many things that hitherto you never consciously knew the truth about and in your awakening,you must go to your inner being as soul to get answers as the outer will no longer give you comfort and in the process you will no longer resonate with alot of persons and many atimes you will feel alone  but in truth we are never alone and due to the fact that there's much to learn,we will have to gain comfort in staying on our own most times in order to gain insight and silence will naturally become our good friend and companion.

This process brings to our fore knowledge our inert talents as soul as for some it surfaces immediately while for some it comes much later in the process of their growth and development.

It invariably depends on the individual because if the person involved follows the guidiance of their inner being thus souls directives,he will gain insight into alot of things including his personal life,purpose in life and identity.The energies,frequencies and velocities of the person will aid the individual as he climbs one step unto another as the soul strives for higher knowledge and enlightenment.These knowledge are far beyond these realm,thats the earth,hence can only be gotten through soul as soul connects to the spiritual realms to acquire them.

The boat, invariably, soul though small in the big ocean is much greater than the ocean and even if the waves and tides beat and sway the boat,it is stronger and hence can with stand the storms and tidal waves.The environment will cease to give comfort as societal norms and values will no longer be relevant even the beliefs and faith will be questioned hitherto,the persons were never to question, but as conscious souls,will do so.It is natural as the gains insight and grows thereby awaken to its true purpose and identity thus though a student of the universe, the individual will then understand the language of the universe as it speaks,  and thereby be placed on the threshold to mastery but not the mastery not in pursuit of the gross material but that of the spiritual for then truly the perso will see the realm of the spiritual, gain insight from therein, grow, develop and become a guru not in one earth life but in many until at last wisdow and enlighitenment will be his and through this  treasures of heaven

we will behold not to triffle with but to guide others and guard even with our last breath. The struggle of the carnal man who is yet to gain consciousness though admired by many will be realised to be nothing but an illusion of the mind put there to draw soul away from ils real purpose in life. Until the individual reaches the paradise of inner beauty, peace, joy and harmony,he is  nothing hence souls awake to the great call of consciousness and know who you are.The time in the agenda of man is now. Take your boat, and sail, fear not, soul is more than able to guide you to those shores. Discover lands of beauty as to who you are and even if it be the demon that you discover, embrace it, for thats you.Nevertheless, upon the discovery seek for ways of expurging the demon that your soul might swore high to the luminious height as in truth heaven and hell dwells within us all.

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