When To Intercept The Regulations By Ekpo,Juliet.E.

When To Intercept The Regulations By Ekpo,Juliet.E.

Agree with your instincts but without the baggage of problems. Realise that you can be strong and be conscious that the path of soul gaining consciousness is nnt a smooth, easy and specific one though it comes with pressure and much hardship as everything in life that has value, it is worth every struggle.This is because at the end of the tunnel of problems, pressure and hardship,a master of greatness and nobility will soul make you in existence, thus you will eventally only sour to great heights until the luminious heights your home will be.

The soul that knows or recognises When To Intercept The Regulations is one that will eventually gain not only insight but great wisdom, the more conscious the soul becomes, the more ennobled and enlightened will the individual be. The journey though initially lonely and cumbersome with much perils, difficulties, hardship and rejection by the society, it is worth the individual's time and effort because of the fact that the end result is that of sublimity and radiance of not only love but that of light, invariably that of life eternally. There is nothing greater than this in existence as long as an individual is concerned.

The society at the point When One Intercepts The Regulations is laid before the seeker of the truth gaze in its real perspective,in order for him to clearly recognise through soul's eyes and not through the concept of the mind,and in soul's eyes there is only the real,therefore, the truth hence the falsehood in all that society held in high and great esteem unfolds and the conscious soul in that state of consciousness realises that all things on the outer is an illusion of sorts and thus there's no reality in it,thesefore,in order to gain reality and thereby live life in its real sense,the individual must live life from within thus through soul.

The seeker of the truth thus an awaken soul is therefore adviced to go to the inner being or temple within thereby soul to gain knowledge on how to live life in the real sense of living in order to be fulfilled and be happy and at peace as the outer world does not have the key to joy and happiness but soul does. The outer is only filled with illusion

When To Intercept The Regulations is an issue that all conscious souls must come to terms with, consequently, they must as a necessary step for growth and development discern between the illusion(outer world) the world and its system thus falsehood and the real, inevitably the truth and take a decisive decision which to stick with and there is no midway hence nothing like sitting on the fence in this case for in soul you are either for the light or not hence you as soul must decide whether to follow the darkness in illusion and falsehood or boldly step into the path of life and truth for the light leads to the threshold of truth.It is usually a very difficult period for the seeker of the truth in life as the truth and falsehood is place before him as he awakens and though he initially feels alone, in truth he is not.

Many in the course of awakening try to live in the illusion that its possible to balance it but the truth is sancroscant as the truth is unchangeable for eternity and falsehood will remain so for ever. Every soul that gains consciousness must allow itself to be guided from within despite life on the outer as soul is knowledgeable and with the help of guides from the luminious realms and the angels of God, the individual will be directed from the divine realm and consequently, led to know its real or true identify and real purpose as against the earlier believe of the individual. So many are therein faced with confusion and conflicts but even these if they continue from their inner being is equally resolved in time by soul as through the ascended light workers and guides together with God's angels, they will be aided to achieve their divinely assigned purpose as soul and not as human, why because as soul the individual is greater and without limit but as human it is limited.

The soul that gains consciousness is left in two worlds and it is at that point that it must know that its tinoe for it to intercept the regulations and forge ahead not as human with limited abilities but as soul with unlimited abilities.

When To Intercept The Regulation is a decisive stand by souls that have gained consciousness to know who they are,why they are on earth, identify their inert gifts and talents and use them. The souls that have gained consciousness are in many instance gifted with great abilities but from within the recess of their souls as children of the divine creator to glow and shine their light. In doing this the dark ones will fight, falsehood will fight but it can never be victorious over the light for eternity.

What a conscious soul must do to gain insight. Wisdom's path to greatness. Ways to overcoming the world's system.

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