AN AMAZING JOKE that will make you laugh

The first day of the month of April is usually termed April fool day and l decided to play a fast one on my father in the village on that day as l went home for the Easter, l woke up very early and swept the whole compound and even prepared the morning meal, as my father came outside, l ran greeted him and then decided to play a fast one on him, so after the greeting as he was about entering the lounge, l walked closer to him and told him that l have just been informed that l have been given  admission in the university to study medicine with scholarship.

He embraced and called out everyone in the compound to congratulate me then order for a big celebration for me and a special bottle of wine just for me alone, excitement filled the whole place as he sent my siblings to go invite his kindred to the celebration and there was a big celebration, but my heart beats has increased as l am still in the dilemma on how to tell the old man that it was a jinx l played on him. Somebody please advice him as in the course of his excitement he told them to slaughter the only goat he has and l am waiting on him to give me my transport back to the city o

The animals decided to hold a crucial meeting to delibrate on certain issues and accusation on them by man, so they decided to go before God as they could no longer accept the level of lies from men against them. The snake came out and stood before God's throne and said, Father, you created me, yes, and deception is my stock in trade but not with money  man's money is worthless to me but l am now the one that men accuse when they steal from their treasury, no you are not, came the tiny voice of the rat, can you imagine it, l that live and enjoy the dustbin and gabbage cans, they now say l accupy presidents, ministers and governors offices, pls father, kindly remove those there and place us there as quite frankly enough, we the animals will manage these places more and the animals will gain better,but l created man to superintend over your the animals God told them but they then argued thus father since we are more trust worthy for example says the rat l dont need their multi millions worth of chairs to seat, in fact, l will just run around the place, and still rule and no need for planes for travels, l can conference everyone all l need is to taught the use of computers with my paws.

The lion tried to roar in God's presence but silence pervaded the place and God told all of them that he has given man the control and thats what it is and that only man can decide by his deeds otherwise. 
Hmmm, then we will just have to make sure they do, said all the animals, as they all agreed to be in league against man. Who amongst them will bail the cat, ahhh, time will tell us.







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