Crazy funny JOKE that will make you laugh

The mathematics teacher entered the classroom excited that the lesson of the day is a very simple one and all his students will understand it.After taking them on the rudiments of addition and subtraction, he decided to test whether he had truly done a good job. 
He asked, Chakas, one of the pupils many believe to be intelligent, pls what is one plus one, the young boy got up with a big grin on his face and answered, hmmm, according to your teacher one plus one is 11.
The teacher was confused and asked him to explain how he got that answer and he replied you simply remove the plus sign there,no the teacher argued the plus sign is still there, then show me the pupil replied.
The teacher then explained that the sign must be removed to get the answer and the boy then asked the teacher to please give him a piece of chalk and permit him climb his chair to write on the blackboard,and the teacher did, on gething to the blackboard, he draws the teacher's chair close to it and writes 1+1, 
then wipes the plus sign and leaves the two ones then turns to his classmates and asks, whats that on the board and the chorus one, one, he then turns to the teacher smiling, and says:
'l think its better and easier for us kids this way, you old folks got it wrong, we are much better at this than you guys.'







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