MBALA:GODDESS OF THE SUN No Retreat,No Surrender By Ekpo,Juliet.E (Episode 17)

Mbala: Goddess Of The Sun Episode 17  No Retreat,No Surrender By Ekpo,Juliet.E.

EL's infinite power together with that of Mbala:Goddess Of The Sun and that of Hera envelops the few remaining light carriers on earth at Avalo where he had consciously drawn them to in training to unleash his supremacy against the dark side and the agents of Lucifera.They were consciously taken to Avalo by EL in order that his infinite radiance will imbue them as this is the only way that Lucifera and Isiris can be defeated because unlike Lucifera who is engulf in complete darkness hence has no knowledge of the ways of the light,Isirsis does have a little knowledge of it as he is a being from the celestial realm.EL is conscious that he may be able to enter into the light carriers consciousness as a result of this and this must not be allowed,for if it is,he can create a brief state of confusion in them and then Lucifera can gain grounds in that their state and use black magic in that brief moment.

Avalo must be equally protected as this is where EL stationed his own for training but not in the ways of the human consciousness but at the level of beings for that are not to war with humans but with the beings that had to come to make them his tools hence EL equally enveloped the place with his infinite radiance and many could not understand it but will simply say that there's something mysterious ,inexplainable about the place and that the beauty and senerity of the place indescribable.This were all the making of EL to achieve his aim and success as he intends that all the light carriers are neither to retreat,nor surrender to the forces of darkness.They must not carry an iota of fear as they face the dark ones on earth.

There's a difference between the light carriers and the agents of the dark one Lucifera and that's the fact that they are not humans but beings from a higher consciousness and realm who are on earth only to accomplish a divine mission for EL hence his ability to envelop them in his infinite radiance to destroy the forces of darkness and cause these one to be raised to a higher consciousness,for in being made use of by EL they will invariably be raised to a greater level of consciousness in higher realms with these radiance they are thereby made greater for greater works not on earth though and not as humans but as conscious beings in the luminious realms.

Lucifera and Isiris on the other hand are making use of humans who are limited in their state of consciousness and therefore can only operate on the gross material level even in battle so what they do is gather weapons of the elements to fight and so the men they gather as their cronies on earth are taught the art of warfare and the use of weapons of destruction while the light carriers are not taught this but EL intends that they will not retreat or surrender when the battle commences on earth and that the whole of Avalo will be a shield to fight on their side,this fact is not known to Lucifera and all he wants is to defeat Ra by destroying all the light carriers on earth as he posits that they have been sent by him but how wrong he is and this will equally aid to undo him in his evil and wicked schemes.

He already gave the instruction that no light carrier or anyone who harbours them in Britaina should be allowed to live and many fled the land because of this but Avalo is in Britaina and though they left initially,EL drew them there for his great battle because this is his battle as he intends through this battle to vanquish Lucifera and his legions on earth and thereby extoll his supremacy over all forces including those io the neither regions wherein Lucifera is king and lord.

Avalo is equally protected as the light carriers by EL's radiance but not the rest of Britaina as EL intends to not only show his supremacy to Lucifera and his legions but also the elements and other forces as in this battle he seeks to completely eleminate all that is evil and wicked in existence as he created all but not to be evil and in this battle there is to no retreat,no surrender on the part of the light carriers as he will protect them from the dark evil magic that Lucifera seeks to use against them,he will through them vanquish all that is evil and wicked in existence.

MBALA:GODDESS OF THE SUN No Retreat,No Surrender By Ekpo,Juliet.E (Episode 17) MBALA:GODDESS OF THE SUN No Retreat,No Surrender By Ekpo,Juliet.E (Episode 17) Reviewed by julie sasha on April 13, 2018 Rating: 5

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