Delay will hurt you now more than before, only because you realise it is really possible. (A Course In Miracle)              

Some persons are of the view that when one consumes or eats meats, you upset your delicate spiritual system and that's the reason why many religious organisations or religions advocate a vegetarian diet. This is actually possible for any individual who sees the need to as many today are doing including my humble self. Some like myself do so on moral grounds, others on health grounds, on morals grounds like in protest against the grotesque meat production industry globally or as a means of protection for the animals involved. Then on health grounds as its been discovered from research that the consumption of meat especially beef affect our health more than benefits the  individual's health. The experiences of life often opens the door for the need for us to adjust our behaviour when spirit knocks on our door.

Therefore, our health issues may open the spiritual doors to enlightenment without us realising it initially and hitherto also your encounter with enlightened souls can equally push us towards spiritual growth vis-a-vis, life throws what's needed at our door for our spiritual growth when it dims it fit to do so. Spiritual ascension is basically about increasing vibration. we are therefore upgraded, and with it our energy frequency and behaviour change. We can no longer hang out with all the people we previously hanged out with. Our jobs may change, and we can no longer tolerate some of the old things or stuff we previously indulged in. Spiritual ascension is something that is provided by the Grace of God Almighty, though our actions certainly influences the timing of this act. When the different energy centres opens up, expect many changes to occur or happen in your life as an individual,you can look forward to having more energy, thereby a constant feeling of peace and connectedness to the  FORCE,

therefore, you have command of some metaphysical powers that the spiritual books like emphasizing on. There is also unfortunately some stuff that you will need to cut out, old psychological baggage that you need to throw overboard before you can set you sail again into a new direction. There's always a little back and forth to leave the old stuff behind, old, out-grown energy patterns is the fortress our ego loves defending. Eventually though, we get the messages and thereby manage to break free from it. Refusal to comply will lead to a lose of energy that simply feels dreedful and horrible. "As the course in miracle" reminds, the awakening process cannot be turned back, but it can be delayed. An individual may try a few times, but soon realises that its just not in the best interest of the person concerned and therefore soon discovers that being disconnected from the Spiritual Ascension process really, really hurts. You can through experiment know exactly what you can do or not do.

It is adviceable to stick to the activities that empower you and uplift your spiritual growth and avoid the activities that cut into your power base. It's that simple. All the experiences are unique to each individual spiritual traveller. We all approach our source (FORCE) from different angles. For some, it is through not eating meat thus vegetarianism, some swear the oath of celibacy, many to cut alcohol consumption to a minimum. Some insists that our world ought to be impeccable like,Don Miguel Rutz in "The Four Agreement." The fact remains that we all approach the Almighty God from slightly different vintage points.Though eventually we might all converge, during the awakening, you will as an individual observe and see all kinds or manner of different routes. Should you enquire from different spiritual travellers today, what's the secret source? You will get different unique answers relevant to them as individuals, therefore, its adviceable you learn from your experience as an individual for in truth,
you are your best teacher and at the same time learn from the experiences of other spiritual travellers but learn more from yours than the conjecture of what the modern day Ten Commandments are. It must be observed that once you experience the energy level power and peace associated with Spiritual Transition, you have little choice but to do what the awakening process dictates,the spiritual traveller is not afraid of what lies ahead of the path since he is a conscious soul but is rather eager to stay connected to his spiritual path every step of the way.For example Yeshua's (known as Jesus) and Buddah's last temptations were in ernest about reaching their final step to break free. In Yeshua's words thus: "Get thee behind me satan."command,he may in reality have addressed his ego instead thus free himself of the destructive element of ego. There's no faith required in the spirital ascendency process. It is rather sure energy dynamics. All we have to do is to follow the leads of lie's one and follow the energy.

There is need for you as an individual to work and figure things out for yourself,therefore,know what is consistent with your spiritual journey and what is not.Just be honest with yourself, open minded, ready to listen to different views, try them and be ready to embrace change because your energy vibrations changes all the time and something what may have worked for you yesterday, may no longer work for you today so as an individual be prepared to embrace the changes that come with Spiritual Ascension.

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