very FUNNY JOKE that will make you laugh

A young man meet a lady and after a long courtship, decides to settle down with her as his wife.
They married and after the wedding it was time to consumate their marriage, the young man could not wait to do so and asked her to please remove the make-up on her so he could glance at the natural beauty he married, she asked that it remains but he insists, so quitely excuses herself to the bathroom and does so.She returns to the bedroom and the husband is backing her and switches off the light, walks quitely to where he is and as he tries to on the lamp by the bedside, she refusess, he makes love to her and tells her how beautiful she is and she smiles but its dark and the middle of the night. 

In the morning, he wakes up and removes the bedsheet to once again admire his beautiful wife but its not her according to him as he screams, dragging the lady off his bed thus: "Where is my beautiful wife." She tries to pacify him that she is the one and he tells her that its impossible and that he married an angel but she's more than the devil. Ehhh, replies the woman so you have seen the devil and how ugly he is well l am his twin sister and he can not be more ugly than me. The man faints at this point.   

If you are the man, upon recovery will you still marry the lady?







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