very funny JOKE that will make you laugh

A young man visited London from Africa and after a while decided to stay and pursue his education there. On one of his visits to one of the professors home to drop certain items for him, the professor invited him in for a quick chit chat. He enter the lounge and saw a monkey sitted comfortably on one of the sofas and the professor asked him to take a seat and that he will be right back, as the young man took his seat, he observed that there was a small bunch of bananas on the little table near him and the professor as he walked out of the lounge said, 'feel free, you are welcome to my home and this is Liam, my best friend', refering to the monkey. The young man wondered why the professor made an animal his best friend and a monkey for that matter and took his seat then remember that the professor had asked him to feel free and boy, he was hungry, so he sat down and eat the bunch of banana and anytime the monkey tried to get up from his seat in protest,he will give him a disapproval to seat and be well behaved, image the animal is suppose to be in the zoo or better still the forest and its here in a professor's house as his best friend. 

He finished the bunch of banana and then came the professor for their chat but 'wait a minute' said the professor,'where's the bunch of banana, l kept on that side stool' 'oh, dear me, sorry sir,l eat them. 'The professor became very angry and shout at the young man saying, 'why on earth will you do that, that's the monkey James best food or are you a monkey like him and thats your best food.
'The professor had touched the tiger's tail by that statement and he left to get the young man some things so he could leave his home but upon his return, he could not find his best friend James the monkey and he searched the whole house but he's no where to be found, after a long search, he returns to the lounge and looks intently at the young man then asks, 'please have you seen my monkey? ''Yes o, l have, he is where he belongs. ''And where might that be' asked the professor. 'In my stomach, doing the work of norishing me not seating like a mugu and eating what we are suppose to and living where we are and being your best friend instead of me.' If you were the professor what will be your reaction?







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