MBALA:GODDESS OF THE SUN EL"s final decision By Ekpo,Juliet.E (Episode 19)

MBALA:GODDESS OF THE SUN EL"s final decision By Ekpo,Juliet.E (Episode 19)

The activities of Lucifera on earth are predominately physical though he equally empowers most of his commanders and allies with his dark magical powers to ensure his unfliching control over them but despite the fact that his legions are many and those of EL together with Hera"s light carries being few, EL decides that he will submerge the black magical powers in his energies with that of Mbala; goddess of the sun as thats the only way in which those Lucifera has enhanced with such powers can be defeated by the few light carriers on earth.

Isiris is  oblivious of Lucifera"s devilish schemes as also is his wife and queen of Britaina as he has no intent of ruling with any other in the affairs of men and that of the gods, all that interest him is absolute power and authority of all realms of existence. This is not what EL divines as the ultimate power in all realms for though he knows that he is the infinite source and life itself, he is equally conscious that Lucifera is his negative side hence that the battle between both of them is not going to be an easy one as he will invariably be eighting none other than himself thus the destruction of the negative of who he is but he had to come to this final decision else the negative too will in time engulf his positive side and this he must not allow to be

EL's final decision will invariably affect all of life in all realms of manifest as his infinite nature will equally bring out the positive nature of all beings irrespective of their species and realm,all light carriers and celestial beings are conscious of this and gladly welcome it as this is elevation for them but retrogradation for those with the negative side.Lucifera and Isiris are however not conscious of this as their consciousness is beclouded with only the quest for power and authority and anything else is irrelevant to both of them.

The queen of ritaina on her part has decided to consolidate her position in the land during the absence of her husband unknown to her that her husband on leaving had directed the palace guards to do amay with her before his return from the battlefield. She promotes the palace guards especially the chief palace guard to the second in command to her and then elevates them to noblemen in the land and thus bequeaths many lands to them by usurping these lands from the peasants. This endears all the palace guards to her and they consequently decide to disobey the king"s directive and though they reason amongst themselves whether they should inform her,they agree otherwise as this will only bring them more troubles and they will rather stay in her good books than incur her wrath but they might equally incur her husband"s own if they allow her live, torn between indecision,the palace guards sought divine intervention for them to be saved from either of the two but then they reasoned that the king might die in battle

thus its best they stay on the side of the queen and pledge allegiance to her as if the king dies, she takes complete control and they are on a better side and to find favour in her sight comes with alot of good things not only for them but equally for their families,what more could they want from life? Is it fame,wealth,recognition or lands? With the queen, they are sure of it but the king makes promises and tells them to wait and none of them dares to question his authority not so with the queen for she gives immediately she speaks and this has endeared all of them to her. She on her part has done this consciously in order to gain her own allies, loyal to her in person.

EL"s infinite power and authority is consequently felt though many dont understand what it is and cant equally fathoms from whence it comes as even Lucifera says thus;"a force of great power beyond me thrives, l know not whence it comes. This must be Ra but it truly gives me concerns."

It is not only he who is worried about EL"s infinite powers as mortals on earth equally feel it but cant explain it as they lack words to speak of what they sense as many of them try to ask and question one another to gain understanding but not so with Hera and the light carriers including Mbala;goddess of the sun as they are all engulfed in his radiance thus they are conscious that its the infinite source of life thats responsible for what is happening even to them that as he envelops them in his radiance in readiness for battle, he seeks to burn up all energies not in that radiance thus his tool to victory is beyond all that is not in him. They are just his tools, they are not the ones to battle Lucifera and his allies, he is but Lucifera does not have this recognition and this EL intends to use to defeat him thus his ignorance will bring about EL conquering him for eternity. 
MBALA:GODDESS OF THE SUN EL"s final decision By Ekpo,Juliet.E (Episode 19) MBALA:GODDESS OF THE SUN EL"s final decision By Ekpo,Juliet.E (Episode 19) Reviewed by julie sasha on May 18, 2018 Rating: 5

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