You are unlimited as soul by Wiese, Christian.

Limiting Beliefs, Be Gone

We’re all broken. That’s how the light gets in.
(Ernest Hemingway)

Many—if not all—of us are a little banged up. A few genetic handicaps; some acquired diseases; some traumatic childhood or life experiences; some similar struggles that our loved ones have to cope with; the list is endless. Believe me, if you face some of these struggles, you are certainly in good company! We need to respect the chains of the past, but we should not take our limitations for granted. A spiritual path is about learning to break free from our past, or at least to find meaning in what our handicap is all about. Reinhold Niebuhr’s serenity prayer tells us what to ask for in our soul-searching journey, “GOD grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

I am personally not a fan of the many manifestations techniques as expressed in the book bestseller, ‘The Secret’. Certainly, there is nothing wrong with aspiring abundance and happiness. GOD wants us to be happy and to be surrounded by abundance. The problem with all the manifestations techniques is that it assumes that we know what is good for us. Well, our ego is bound to interfere in the process, don’t you think? ‘Let the future take care of itself’, is my motto. We decide on the direction that we want to proceed in, but otherwise, we use the wisdom of the ‘here and now’ to show us where the journey takes us.  That’s how the future is created, one step at a time along our spiritual path. Understanding GOD’s message in the ‘here and now’ is all I concern myself with. 

We should remind ourselves every day of the mantra, ‘limiting beliefs, be gone!’ If you carefully observe what life confronts us with every day, you will surely discover that in all the obstacles, problems and interferences are geared to make us think again. Instead of closing down we should be open up instead. By finding a solution to the problem at hand, we often put ourselves in a much better position than we had envisioned before. We get our abundance alright, even though it might come in a different manifestation than we had initially in mind. GOD wants us to live in abundance. We just have to give HER the chance to communicate to us what is truly worth our while.

We, spiritual travellers, have plenty of opportunities to work on our limiting beliefs. Life invites us daily to adjust, to reflect, and to dance around some obstacles in order to embrace the abundance that we are born to receive. For me personally, GOD has thus far blessed me with good health, but I have limiting beliefs in other areas of my life. Too often I realize that I feel pressed for time. In those cases I drop everything and utter my mantra, ‘limiting beliefs, be gone!’ and help is on the way. Appointments get moved, or I get lucky breaks on my projects. It turns out the perceived problems are entirely self-fabricated, but I need life to communicate to me that I belittle myself. 

When life dances with me, I drop all limiting beliefs instinctively. When I am with people I know who I am, a divine mirror. Yet, all by myself, I can get lost in limited thinking, so I surround myself with people and relationships so that they can show me that the sky is the limit. In the ‘here and now’ I am alive. Confronted with life, I am happy to assume my divine role. There is a little work involved though. I need to have the guts to claim my inheritance. I need to take on my fears if I want to keep dancing with life. I need to have the flexibility and pragmatism to listen to all of life’s messengers, not only those who tell me what I want to hear. Most importantly perhaps, I need to have the will-power to overcome my self-imposed limitations.

You can see, my recipe for success is people. In all my interactions, I am either a mirror of their aspirations and faith, or they reflect back to me my own fears and limitations. I live up to the expectations of my supportive friends, and I stand up to the nay-sayers. I succeed either way. So by interacting with others, I become aware of my own limiting beliefs, and I am given the incentive to overcome them. My friends always show me the path to do better. It is hard work to override existing biases and behavioural patterns, but it can be done. 

Every spiritual traveller is daily encouraged to break free from the chains of the past. Every spiritual traveller is constantly encouraged to follow the path towards freedom. As I highlighted the other day in my blog note ‘Spiritual Ascendency’, we spiritual travellers have no choice but to break free from our limiting beliefs. Standing still or going backwards on a spiritual path simply hurts too much. Limiting beliefs—be gone!

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