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Jamie was told by his parents that soon he will have a younger sister as his mother is pregnant. Jamie had often asked both his parents what was wrong with his mother and they always evaded his questions as frequently he'll ask what his mother ate to have such a big stomach and that he be fed with it else he wants nothing else to ear,his parents had tried persistently to desuade him but no way, Jamie wanted answers so his parents decide to have a heart to heart talk with him on pregnancy and where babies come from.

Not an easy task Jamie's mum tries by telling him that it's a secret between adults but Jamie is an intelligent five(5) year old boy so tells his mum: "so my being here with you and dad is a secret, well since l am the one involved l won't mind being part of the adult secret."

His mother is short of words,so she asks her husband to help out and he makes it worse and tells him:"well son babies are the honey that comes out of what the bees and butterflies do."This causes more curiosity not only in him but equally with his close friends and thus causes them to do their personal research on how babies are made.Know that you can't beat their young mind by going round the bush,if you won't tell them the truth,their curious mind will lead them to discover it.So tell them the truth always.

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A mad man hurriedly climbs up an orange tree screaming and makes his way to the top in a psychiatric hospital.His shouts attract other patients and even doctors,he then suddenly jumps from the top and lands on the ground,the doctors worried all run to his side to make sure he is alright and they find him smiling as one of them who recognises him asks thus:"Frankie are you alright and why on earth did you jump down from the tree. Frankie smiles and response thus:'why not Afterall l am now ripe"

funny jokes for kids

An excited parent  wanted to teach his young son of two years the alphabets  before he finally sends him to school and starts off with, "A is for Apple ?? but he, unfortunately, does not know beyond this and can't  tell his beloved son that he doesn't know the alphabets, so he decides that if A is for apple then invariably "B must be for bapple. "

The kid is smart and stares into his father's eyes  and asks him to show him bapple and the young man is still  in search of it because the child has refused  to learn the alphabets further from his dad thank goodness until he sees bapple, please can someone help the father out  as he is in a dilemma right now cause there is no bapple in the market.

Ekpo,  Juliet. E

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Have you ever wondered how the tortoise came about its broken shell? Well this might just be why.

The angels went to God in heaven and asked that they' ll like a feast prepared in heaven and that all the birds be invited especially as birds are very much like them. God agreed and a great feast prepared for all the birds was arranged and invitations sent out to them. In the course of the news going round tortoise got to know of it and decided he must partake of the feast and asks why only the birds were invited, none of the birds could answer and so he decides that when he gets to heaven he will get his answer.
He is however advised by his wife and other animals not to attend  the feast since he was not invited but he insists that he feels that the other animals have been marginalized and wants to go to heaven to correct it.

Well Mr tortoise has no wings so how will he even fly to heaven and he is told this.

Tortoise intent is not to go and fight for the right of the other animals but for himself. So he carves out a plan on how to get to heaven and tells the birds to each loan him some of their feathers, so that he' ll attach to his body and be able to fly. After much deliberations the birds agree and equally teach him how to fly.

Finally the day for the feast arrives and all the birds set out to heaven together with Mr tortoise. On arrival they are welcomed and quickly taken to where the feast as been prepared and a  table with many delicacy is set for them. They are asked to please take their seat and eat as the meal is specifically for them all, in the exact words of one of the angels in heaven. "You are all welcome and this great feast is for all of you. "

They all take their seat to begin eating but Mr tortoise stops everybody from eating and informs the angel that he alone I the one is known as "all of you"hence the meal is for he alone. He, therefore, refuses the birds to eat and out of his greed eats the whole meal to the amazement of the birds.
Thank birds at this point meet secretly while he is snoring and they all remove their feathers from his body, let us see how he will return to the earth to meet his wife and kids, they will pay him back in his coin.

Mr tortoise wakes up as they are about to leave heaven for earth, notice that he is without feathers and please with them to help him but they refuse and as each flies away he begs them to please tell his wife his predicament that he is stuck in heaven as he has no feathers to use and fly back to the earth hence he has to pick a spot and jump down and that his wife and kids and all who truly love him should bring out all the Mattress and sofas, in fact, all that soft item in their homes so that when he jumps down he will land safely. However, the birds decided otherwise and told his wife and all who care to listen that he said they should bring out all the hard things in their homes and farm barns including their homes, shovels, and forks and keep outside that he wants to make a grand landing on earth. All those who love tortoise do so including his wife and kids and as they gaze up they see him jumping, he on his part is excited but as he draws nearer, he is shocked but land he must, and so courageously he lands on his back and crack goes his once uncracked shell
because of his greed.

funny jokes for kids

A young man was asked by his doctors to do some tests in order to asserain the particular ailment he has. He went to the diagnostic center and some tests were conducted on him and he was asked to wait in order to collect the results. He had taken his little niece along with him and so together they waited patiently. Then the niece looked at her uncle and could perceive worry in him. She then in the presence of everyone there turned to her uncle and asked; "Uncle Joe do you think the test will come out positive that you have HIV, well never to worry,it simply means that soon you will kick the bucket and l can then have your room and eat your meals at dinner."
At this point when they were called to collect the result and subsequently make payment, a stranger approached the young man thinking that he is the father of the little girl and says. Stranger:"please can l move into your home and continue where you stopped,l am sure your wife is very beautiful.' The uncle is surprised as Joe is not yet married, so he says. Joe:"Whatever do you mean by that." Before he could say another word his niece cuts in and says. Little Niece:"Uncle Joe is not married, he is still playing away matches and this is the result."

With his heart racing faster Joe excuses himself and walks briskly into the lab attendant's office and the niece follows suit .As the take their seat he is handed a piece of paper and he can hardly read what's on it. He asks the attendant to please explain in order to gain some form of assurance and he is told that he should give it to his doctors, that they are in a better position to understand and explain what's wrong with him and he is asked to pay.
As he wants to pay.his niece draws him closer and whispers in his ears thus. Little niece:"Since you are on your way out, make all payments with a cheque so we can enjoy with the little cash in your pocket, as you really don't have long to stay with us. Remember,we must tell mum and dad the truth and of course not to forget your numerous lovers."
Joe at this point asks if they collect cheques and he's told they do, so he writes them a cheque and hands it over to the man but his handwriting is not eligible and the man says but l can't read this. "Then you should consult your financial department, those are financial terms," Joe tells him. "Especially now that the young man is about leaving us that ought to be your candid contribution."The little girl cuts in. Joe and his niece walk out of the place leaving the man speechless.

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The king summoned his subjects to meet him at his palace as he wants to announce who is to take over as the next king. The whole community is anxiously waiting and argument from every corner is that only the prince can he present to them.

This king is a very funny individual who can spring surprises at any given time.

The Queen is certain that their first son is to be crowned king, Afterall who else is befitting of such honour.

Surprises await all from the king, who had earlier dressed the clown of the court asking and taken the place of one of the servants.

The clown sat as all in the land bowed at his presence including the queen and then got up to make the expected announcement and who else, he calls on the servant and the whole palace shouts, disagreeing that a mere servant can't rule them, that it must be the prince VN or no other person but the clown knows the truth so laughs at all of them and tells them that they are all fools ruled by a clown.
He then subsequently leaves the truth and tells the servant who is actually the king to mount the throne.
All the subjects drag him away from that he is unfit to rule them.
he beckons to the clown to bring his royal robes and he does. On seeing that it is actually their king, they all are surprised and he laughs, telling them that the robes identified him as king in their midst and it equally identified the clown as such but that they could not know the difference and that the clown is right for all of them are fools ruled by a clown which is his humble self.
He then asks,do you still want me as your king, and they all answer yes.He tells them that that means you are a bigger fool than l thought.

Ekpo, Juliet. E
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