Being With God Every Step Of The Way By Wiese, Christian.

Being with God every Step of the Way 

"More and more, I come to see that enlightenment is an illusion. Part of the same matrix that keeps us believing in separation. Upheld by millennia of religion and spiritual tradition. Upheld by the self that wants to escape the existential agony of having incarnated as form. As if there is another world that cradles us in endless bliss … if only we attained enlightenment.

More and more, I come to know that there are openings, unfoldments and awakenings. And that we can wake up once and for all out of the dream of separation. But none of this makes us any more perfect, nor does it make our lives perfect. There’s no reward. We still have to meet the bittersweet human experience. We still have to meet the ever-changing landscape of our lives. We still have to learn and grow, find ways to survive and thrive in a world hell-bent on dividing us. We still have to meet loss and pain and the unanswerable question of why the world seems so crazy.
( Amoda Maa)

How can it be that we instinctively understand what the ego is all about, but when it comes to defining it, we somehow always fall short. It’s the siren song of duality as it turns out. When we spiritual folks say, ‘e-g-o’, we mean to imply that something inside of us somehow ‘edges-God-out’. Consequently, we also have to accept that each time when we feel disconnected from God, it must be our fault, or rather, the ego’s! We mind the ego and wish it away. Alas, if it wasn’t for this annoying fellow, we would be Home already! Is that approach, logical as it sounds, really so helpful? Can’t we somehow stop that mental merry-go-around game? But how?
The yin and yang of the Tao symbol denotes this duality perfectly. There is Heaven in earth, and there is earth in Heaven. Why is there Heaven in earth? Because GOD permeates everything and everyone without being defined by it. Why is there earth in Heaven? Because God experiences Herself through us. Did it ever occur to you that this ‘ego’ that our spiritual community loves hunting down, attacking and killing, is the very institution that gives us life? Everyone who wants to walk the blue planet needs a little ego, at least enough to have sufficient sense not to step in front of the incoming bus! No, we don’t need to kill the ego in order to be with God. We just have make sure that the ego doesn’t cloud our God vision, and we are very much empowered to do so.

We are part human, part divine. Since Heaven and earth are both part of the Tao symbol, the answer to our question, ‘Can we be with God every step of the Way’, is provided in the Tao symbol itself: Yes, there is a black dot in the white half circle, just as there is a white dot in the black! We Tao travelers say, let’s open up to this duality and let’s accept it and run with it instead of fighting it. Let’s just accept it when we are mundane, boring, restless, driven, or when we are again craving something. It is this Awareness that allows us to snap out of the mundane moment. Figuratively, we can always plant both our feet on the ground, reminding ourselves of our roots, while taking an inspired look at the stars!

The inner war, this back and forth of ego and Spirit, is ingrained in us. It is the interplay of reaction and counter-reaction just as the dance of yin and yang. Surely you must have felt that fight of good and evil within. When you observe the inner struggle, it is very much like bungee jumping, the deeper we fall into the hole of materialism and egoistic behavior, the more forceful the consequent spiritual break-through experience can be at times. Did you know that one of the greatest Christian song, ‘Amazing Grace’ was written by John Newton who was a captain of a slave ship. Ironically, it was his bad conscience and regret that enabled him to experience God’s limitless Grace. While we are grateful for his creation, there must be a better way. Let’s leave this inner fight of good and evil behind for good.

Reading Amoda Mia’s encouragement to drop this hunt for enlightenment for once and for all was a spiritual break-through moment for me personally. Please repeat after me, ‘I Am That I Am’! That’s all to the enlightenment discussion really. Yes, there is ego in us, and probably will be until the end of our days. Yet, we can be Aware when we become restless again. We can be mindful when our overactive mind builds new castles in the sky, or when we beat ourselves up over faux-pas of the past one more time. We can realize it during the mundane moments when the unimaginative part of our mind takes us for a spin. I capitalized the word ‘Awareness’ to mark the white dot in the dark half of the Tao circle. So yes, we can step out of the ego’s interfering presence here and now.

We can be Aware as we face the busyness of life, and we can be Aware in deep meditation and devotional prayer. We can see God’s handwriting everywhere, within and without. When we delve into the busyness of life, our desires, motives, and conditioning are being overridden by the magnificence of the moment. The uncreative part of our being simply gets wowed into silence in the holy Now. Alternatively, we can experience God by going within, ‘Be still and know that I Am God’, as the Bible puts it. Can we be consciously with God all the time? Probably not since that would rule out that we ever again get caught in mundane moments when the inner auto-pilot takes over. Yet, can we have this God Awareness here and now? Absolutely!

Rumi called our ego a veil that separates us from our ever-present God-connection. That’s a nice illustration of the idea we presented here. A veil can be transparent enough so that we can always peer through it. We wear the veil without complaining about it, but while wearing it, we can still can be with God every step of the Way.

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