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With the manner in which things are very expensive especially accessing good medical care including diagnosis .This include of cause a DNA test,should you doubt for a second the paternity of your kids,get a DNA test or even that of your husband or wife.A DNA test is the answer, so what are you waiting for? Hmmmm,no money in your pocket,not to worry.There is a simple and cheap way to get a DNA test right in the comfort of your home.

This simple ingredient is what you need depending on how many persons you want to test.
Two or three fresh eggs, please make sure they are not Plastic ones by testing their shells with fire.put the fresh eggs in a bowl and keep aside
Then get your other ingredients like tomatoes,pepper, vegetables of your choice,seasonings and salt.

It's now time to prepare the necessary tool for the DNA test. Get a frying pan and set it either on your stove or gas cooker. Break the eggs into a bowl and whisk for a few seconds, prepare your fresh tomatoes and peppers together with the vegetables of your choice. Pour the whisked eggs into the frying pan and add a little vegetable oil as you stir , making sure it does not burn,add your prepared other ingredients including spices and salt and stir all adding the oil gradually until well cooked.

Then get the table prepared for the test and get bread on it,the flask with hot water in it of course,tea, coffee, beverages,sugar,milk,butter, and jam on the table also. Make sure all members of the family are present to take the test.

As all members of the family sit, please serve them the meal as breakfast as this is the most important meal of the day.
Anyway who told you l work in the hospital and know anything about DNA.
I know how to keep my family healthy and one sure way to that is for them to take a good breakfast.

If you are already wondering how delicious the meal is,stop being a wonderer and simply take the bull by its horns.

Don't say l told you to when the bull over powers you and drags life out of you,just consider your self foolish and learn how to prepare a good breakfast instead of taking on a bull for a fight.

Of course there are other tests to be taken and this time it's the family blood group test.

I told you earlier l don't work in a hospital and neither am l a health personnel but there's something l know how to do very well. Well your guess is as good as mine.

Ekpo, Juliet.E

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