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Mr. Azeez was always early to the office and will make sure that the whole place is sparkling clean before the rest of the staff start filtering into the place. 
He'll then quietly retire to an obscure l place from the eyes of everybody until when the office is about to be closed for the day when he'll once again appear with his equipment and do what he knows best and that's to clean the office. 
Mr. Azeez as all staff called him is very efficient and effective and that's because there's a catch to him and that's the joke due to the fact that he's the robot in the office and the cleaner of the office.

Many who hear his name think he is one of the staff and that's the joke as in reality he actually is a staff but is not human so those who are not staff are amazed when they meet him and some have even fainted in the process.
That's the joke. This is the computer age, anything is quite possible, your wife/husband can be a robot, that's the joke.

Riddle, riddle. I am something, you don't have to cook me before you eat me, but l contain all the necessary  nutrients that the body needs. You need me to survive  as a child. What am l?
Let's see wise persons, answers please.

In today's world check very well as your spouse or domestic help might not be human. That's the joke.
Technology has put in place robot wives and husbands for sale. That's the joke.
Just take a walk to the mall and purchase one of your choice. That's the joke.
But don't expect too much from a machine it may not give you the satisfaction you crave from a human. That's the joke.
Nevertheless, its progress as today we can shop for husbands and wives from the shopping mall. That's the joke.

Not only can you get your groceries and domestic help from the mall, you can even get your spouse  from there. That's the joke.
So when next you take a trip to to the mall, have it in, mind that you can get all your needs in one place and don't stress and worry too much when you need a spouse, just get one from a reputable mall and a price of cause. That's the joke.

The price, of course, will definitely eat into your pocket. That's the joke. Though you will get your money worth and of course a one year guarantee that should there be did satisfaction in any way on your part,you can of course return the spouse and pick another. That's the joke. You can keep changing the spouse to meet your desired specification, unlike the human spouse that you can't change at will. That's the joke.

The robot spouse or domestic help can be changed at will at a price of course which if it eats into your pocket. You can take a loan and get more stressed,so that you end up in the hospital.That's the joke. Stay within your level and cut your coat according to your cloth else you'll be bankrupt. That's the joke.

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