What's Spirituality? How Do You Face The Spiritual Journey? By Wiese, Christian.

On Being Special 

‘Cause I gonna make you see,
there is nobody else here,
no one like me.
I'm special, so special!
I gotta have some of your attention,
give it to me!
(Pretenders, Brass in Pocket)

Ego is a word with a very different meaning in psychology than in our spiritual community. Psychologists refer to the ‘I’ experience as an institution that can become aware of our biases and conditioning. We spiritual folks think of the ego as a wrench in the works instead; an interference that prevents us from experiencing what lies ‘Beyond’. Our ego wants something. We crave to be somebody. We don’t want to be just a body, we want to be looked up to, celebrated, and considered to be cool. Biologically, this drive is the restless gene that wants to get passed on to the next generation. These days it takes more than just being sexually attractive; we also have to be perceived as kind and considerate; we need to have earnings potential or power. We must be considered ‘cool’ in one way or another. Our ego will put a nice story together to make us feel special, and will perhaps even make it sound spiritual. And once we know that we are special in our eyes and that of others, we feel alive.

Please don’t just say, ‘I must not have these cravings’. Being special—having sex appeal—is essentially the driving force of life. When we lose this ego motivation, when we lose our mojo so to speak, life loses all its charm, spice and sexiness. When our ego gets hurt, life becomes colorless, depressing and meaningless. This ego is us, until the day that is when we have left these cravings behind like a worn-out skin. Yet, until this blessed day we have to accept what makes our blood boil. It took me a long time to figure this out, by fighting our cravings to be special, we are essentially messing with our own life force. We commit suicide in the name of spirituality. There is no need for this whatsoever. Life holds all the answers for us. We can be ourselves without having and spiritual conflicts. We can keep our mojo while enjoying a meaningful life at the same time.

A spiritual path is essentially the re-wiring of our experienced nature. Over the years the appreciation of what is meaningful to us changes. We are encouraged to enjoy the magnificence of the “I” just as before but we are shown how our life story fits in the greater good. The Course in Miracles differentiates grandeur from grandiosity, the contrast of a miracle-minded lifestyle and ego delusion. Along a spiritual path we are asked to develop our talents. We are shown how to live a life of purpose, of giving, of helping others, of shining the light for them. Purpose merges with passion, and God makes sure that our talents are utilized in the best possible way. We do not have to give up anything that is meaningful to us, we just have to be open to be stripped of everything that is holding us back on our spiritual quest.

I hope you understand that after this insight you already have made it! You no longer need to wait for enlightenment. All you have to do is to express your passions and let God show you how to steer you in a purposeful direction. Suddenly life’s many problems and obstacles no longer stand in the way of your happiness; suddenly they become messengers and signs to put you on the right path instead. You show up and do your best and let God do the rest. You don’t have to sacrifice anything; abundance is yours to enjoy, just learn what exactly it is that you want.

For me this insight that we can in fact can have it all was a very deep spiritual experience. I had just left a very prestigious and well-paying job in the financial industry and thought I would be happy now leaving all the stress behind and focusing on spreading the gospel of the Lord instead and helping others finding their spiritual path. Instead, I realized that I was quite depressed. I honestly didn’t understand why. Didn’t I now have it all? It was then when I saw the awkwardly written translation of a guru from India, basically saying that our much maligned ego is also our life-force. How true! We should not be ashamed to express this life-force. Yes, I had enjoyed flying around the world, being looked up to wherever I went. Yes, I had enjoyed dressing up in fancy suits and staying in state oft the art hotels in all cosmopolitan cities. While all of this is most likely behind me know, I can still be spiritual and special at the same time. I just had to accept that I crave appreciation of my work.

The Bhagavad Gita as well as Christianity encourage us to put our heart and soul into our work and the services we supply to others. All we have to do is to stop scheming and expecting what we shall get in return. All we have to do is to understand that our little mind cannot possibly fathom what kind of rewards God sends our way. Express your talents, live a life of passion and purpose, just let the spiritual path takes care of you and show you how special you are!

The transition from being ‘I’-centered to walking GOD’s path can be a tough transition, but it doesn’t have to be. Our craving to be special is very clever indeed. Our ego is especially happy to put on spiritual clothes. As it turns out, our spiritual aspirations are not quite as kosher as we want them to be. Even the craving for enlightenment, for being a hermit, for sexual abstinence, for being a guru to others, can be an ego craving in disguise. Let’s face life with an open mind and a loving heard and see what is coming our way. The Daughter of God is special, and will be assured of this fact each and every day. God’s Kingdom depends on her. Along the Way there is lifelines, joy and love. Make the transition today and let God show you how special you are.

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