An hilarious joke

The world's economic melt down has affected many countries and most especially African countries and the youths in particular whom once they get a university degree think of getting a while collar job and so will succumb to any job as long as it gives him/her a wage and this was the reason for them seeing nothing wrong in this particular job.

A young man from one of the African countries graduate d from the University and excitedly goes in search of jobs but upon the many places he went,he never gets the job,the first year passed,still no luck,the second year the same thing and this continued for good seven years and he began to think that something must definitely be wrong with him but this situation unknown to him was not unique to him.

An hilarious joke

After a long search for over seven good years the young man was completely disillusioned and almost giving up hope of ever getting a job when as he walked home hopelessly not knowing where his next meal and means of sustenance will come from for his rent will expire at the end of the month. He saw a vacancy for the post of a zoo keeper and decided to try his luck.

Even as he made his way to the zoo, he was not sure but no crime in trying, he reasoned within himself, as he got nearer, he stopped, this is not the kind of job he wanted, this is because he saw animals of all kind within the premises. Well no turning back and there is no guarantee that he will be given the job. He opened the gate and enquired where he could see the zoo manager and he was directed to his office. The middle-aged man asked him to take a seat and be comfortable that he will be with him in a moment.

An hilarious joke

When the zoo manager finally arrives,he welcome s him and tells him that the gorallla in the zoo just died and is a very big attraction to the zoo especially with kids and that right now a new replacement can't be gotten so he will simply be given a gorallla's costume to take it place until one is gotten.

He was told the salary and what job involves and asked whether he wanted the job. Excitedly he accepted the job and was told to commence work the next day.He was indeed happy, finally,he now has a job.The next day he started work early, wore the costume and enter the cage for the gorallla' ,many kids as well as adults visited the zoo and as the day was about ending he missed his way on his way out as he found himself in a lion's cage and held his breath for he reasoned that the lion will definitely eat him up.

An hilarious joke

Immediately the young man wants to scream for help before he is devour ed by the suppose lion,he hears the lion call out his name "No,Jack,no need to shout for help,it's me Jimmy,your old University friend,l took up this job about four months ago and you see the Crocodile over there,well that's Dave, remember him,he was always a good swimmer,well he got a job through that.

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An hilarious joke
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