Dual Nature Of The Almighty. By Wiese, Christian

Seeing God in Darkness and Light

The Dark is as much part of us as the Light. On this planet, there is a duality. Did it ever cross your mind that you need to balance this duality instead of pushing away the Dark within your Light?

The moment you have balanced your Dark and Light within yourself you won't call your Dark-side evil, or as many also call it, ego. Your Dark side is not ego, nor evil. The evil comes from the mind, it is your thinking, the ego, the fear, and that is not supported by your Dark. The power that resides within your Dark is there to strengthen your Light. Several of those who feel the power within them to accomplish something are using also the power, the strength of the Dark within them.

God Is The Light Of The World

So please stop saying that the Dark is evil or the Light is good. You are both. When you push one of them away you will always feel incomplete, you will always encounter people who will trigger, irritate you, to bring out that what you are hiding within. There is no life on earth without the balancing of the Self in the vehicle of the One. Progressed souls are at the front of those waking up, to make them realize the duality is dividing the Self. Be One with All That Is. (Tara Rha)

Light Overcomes Darkness Quotes

What a concept to put darkness and light on equal footing, at least here in this manifestation on this beautiful planet. As a student of psychology, and an admirer of Dr. Jung more specifically, I have always believed in the power of shadow work. 

God Is Light Meaning

I believe in the premise that a gem is waiting for us when we boldly face the inner darkness. I experimented with this concept over years and was rewarded handsomely for it. I was always a bit shy, a bit ‘too nice’ and a bit too conflicted about what I truly wanted out of life. Then came the occasional dark moments when a monster shot to the surface, triggered by an environment that set me up for this outbreak. Sure, I was scared to look in the dark corners of my Soul, but by facing the ‘beast’ inside, by seeing the unexpected aggressiveness and lingering fears as they presented themselves, I discovered what the ‘shadow side’ wanted from me. I learned to become more assertive; I developed poise and learned to get after what is meaningful to me whether some others liked it or not. The reward was amazing, professional success followed, and my spiritual insights multiplied. It turns out we can have it all—all without scarifying an ounce of our spirituality!

God's Light Quotes

Tara Rha’s concept of putting Darkness on equal footing with the Light goes much further though. When I first saw her post, especially the capitalization of the word ‘darkness’, I honestly didn’t know what to think. I was raised a Christian and stumbled on Taoism only later in my spiritual journey. I still have enough Christianity in me to know that no Christian could capitalize the word ‘darkness’. We believe that the darkness doesn’t exist. It’s a merely a dream swept away by the Light as we enter God’s Kingdom. So how could we possibly combine these two concepts, apparently words apart?

But then, have a close look at the yin and yang symbol of Taoism. Isn’t it true that darkness moves with light in harmony? Just as yin is in yang, and yang is in yin, Heaven is in earth just as earth is in Heaven. But there, I did it again; if I capitalize ‘Heaven’, should ‘earth’ be capitalized as well? Why not! What we are looking for is looking for us! All That Is permeates everything here. We have the ability to spot the saintly potential in the sinner just as we can learn about the dark history of the saint. Sure, there is a way to transcend this duality—it’s called the Way, symbolized by the circle in the Tao symbol. A higher Force catapults us to this stage. We can appeal to It (as it is the case in Christianity and many other religions) and we can discover this Force just as a scientist or artist would (as it is the case in Taoism and Zen).

Scriptures About Being a Light

Christianity starts with the Light and tells us that in God’s Kingdom there will be nothing but. Here in the dualistic world of good and evil we live in, we are encouraged to look out for the Holy Spirit Who will carefully explain to us what is of God and what is not. Christianity starts with the transcended state and supplies us with the help to get there. The Tao Te Ching sees life as is, and then provides us with detailed instructions on how we can look for the Force that transcends the conflict and tension of duality. The Tao Te Ching talks about the Master resting at the centre of the circle watching the world spin. How is that any different from God’s Kingdom where lamb and lion lie together? Oneness prevails where the dualities of life have been overcome—Love and Peace reign there. Faith connects the Christian believer with God’s Kingdom; an open mind and an artistic ability to see a World beyond this one many others live in connecting the student of the East with Oneness.

light And Darkness Bible Study

Even when we experience Oneness life can shake us up from time to time. Sometimes the people we love don’t love us back, and sometimes calamities come our way. Yet, we have the ability to step out of life’s ups and downs when we recognize that life can be a bit theatrical at times. Every thunderstorm is followed by a beautiful rainbow—let’s welcome them both! The Indian Mythology has Goddesses Kali and Durga to capture this simple fact of life. Goddess Kali sometimes creates havoc when all the accumulated negative energy has to be recycled in one massive thunderstorm. Yet, before we know it, benign Goddess Durga smiles on us and the sun is shining brighter than ever before.

God Is Light Bible Verse

Sri Ramakrishna, the 19th-century Indian Mystic worshipped Goddess Kali. His quote bridges the faiths of the East and the West: “I have now come to a stage of realization in which I see that God is walking in every human form and manifesting Himself alike through the sage and the sinner, the virtuous and the vicious. Therefore when I meet different people I say to myself, ‘God in the form of the saint, God in the form of the sinner, God in the form of the righteous, God in the form of the unrighteous.'” 

Be A Light In The Darkness Verse

We Christians see love in every situation and are otherwise invited to heal and make whole. Sometimes it is about seeing the subconscious call for love in others, while often it is about asking for forgiveness and compassion in ourselves. Similarly, we Tao Travelers see the serendipity in life’s connection, the love and the light. When it comes to the darkness, we see the opportunities to let go of outgrown energies of the past and see darkness as a stepping stone towards the light. Everything is of God—Oneness is All That Is.

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