How To Find God In Life By Wiese, Christian

How To Find God In Life By Wiese, Christian

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“If anyone imagines he will get more by inner thoughts and sweet yearnings and a special grace of God that he could get beside the fire, or with his flocks, or in the stable, he is doing no more than trying to take God and wrap His head in a cloak and shove Him under the bench. For whoever seeks God in some special Way, will gain the Way and lose God who is hidden in the Way. But whoever seeks God without any special Way, finds Him as He really is... and He is life itself.”
(Meister Eckhart)

Finding God in Life

The sages have told us for ages, we have God’s Voice inside of us. Surely you must have had that satori moment as well when you are still and can literally feel God’s Presence; just as it is written in the Bible, ‘Be Still and Know I Am God’. Alas, these blessed moments don’t last and before we know it, our mundane world returns. Since Yoshua’s days we also have learned that wherever unconditional love is, God reigns as well. Yet, even this loving world is elusive way too often to us. Loving unconditionally is hard, especially when we are faced with people we don’t seem to care about that much. So once again, we keep searching for God and can’t seem to find Him.

How To Find God In Your Life

The message of the 13th-century monk Meister Eckhart has all the answers for us. It turns out, God can be found right next to us—everywhere and all the time! God can be found in life’s magnificent moment, as well as the more mundane ones. God can be found at work, at home, with family, friends, as well as with some random strangers. All we have to do is to drop our expectation where to find Him and perceive with the eyes, the ears and the heart of a spiritual artist instead. We have to step out of our notion of duality, the good and the bad, the lust and the love, the greed and the care, and face life instead as is. Charles Dickens’ beginning sentence of ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ sums life up perfectly, ‘It was the best of times, it was the worst of times’. Yes, that’s exactly where we can find God; right in the middle of it.

How To Find God Again

My spiritual journey started with seeing synchronicity. These seemingly impossible meaningful encounters that the rational brain has a hard time getting its arms around. Isn’t the synchronicity experience nothing but an invite to see the fullness of life without any preconceived notion? We are invited to be always on the alert for what could be lurking right around the corner in the next blessed moment. This is really the ‘Power of Now’ that Eckhart Tolle coined in his bestseller book. Did you know that he borrowed his Pen Name from the 13th-century monk Meister Eckhart? Perhaps the quote from the beginning gave him the inspiration for his book. See and merge with life as is. When you do, God will be right there with you.

How To Find God Within You

The sages tell us that life has put a spell on us. How can we wake up from life’s  Maya that seems to be so persistent? How can we overcome the selfish gene that makes us get what we want, often at the expense of others? Well, it turns out that no matter which way we turn, we always end up Home eventually. It is just that for many of us this journey is subconscious and more painful than it needs to be. We run after the love in our life but run away from ourselves. We want to be successful in our profession or business, so we trample on the people we love. Maybe we negate what we love doing in the desire to get to the elusive glitter on the horizon. We run after pleasure and try to run away from pain. Even our search for enlightenment is a negation of what is. We want to trade it in for what we want life to be instead.

How To See God

It turns out, all this is impossible when we see God permeating everything and everyone. The love of our life will make us face ourselves, no matter how painful it is. When we see the mission in our professional life we easily forgo that promotion that others are after. Yes, the wanderlust may burn inside, but we don’t go anywhere before we have taken care of all our loved ones. You see, enlightenment doesn’t mean that we are free of pain and disease, it merely implies that we discover God permeating life as is. With Him next to us, we are Home already. After this insight, our journey is already over. We still let the little karma run its course, but we no longer accumulate new stuff. We still have a few illusions to uncover, but we are serene, full of love and have peace of mind.

How To Find God Purpose For Your Life

Why are you in a hurry? Why do you need to be ‘enlightened’? Don’t you see that the institution that wants to be ‘there’ is the very self you want to transcend? You still have a role to play. You still have a mission to perform. Spiritual folks sometimes jokingly say, what if we die one day and God asks us, ‘did you enjoy your time in Heaven?’ We are here now, so let’s appreciate every moment of it! Sure, there is still a little karma to burn, and a little Maya to awaken to, but God leads us through it, step by step and it is a lot of fun. ‘How do I see Him?’, you may ask. Well, follow the energy, be aware of the inner awareness that calls all the shots. Discover the greed and the lust and accept it, and find the love for people and things right next to it. With God nearby mistakes are impossible. We travel the Way, and with every missed step we realize that it is, strangely enough, part of the Way as well. Find God in life, here and now.  Enjoy!
How To Find God Without Religion

How To Know God Personally

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