How To Have The Divine Key By Wiese ,Christian

When you see Buddha, Love Him! 

Meditate like Christ. He lost Himself in Love.
(Neem Karoli Baba)

The 19th century Indian mystic Sri Ramakrishna asked all visitors whether they believed in a God with or without form. He was ready to engage on every level but he was partial to his God with a form. Whenever he needed a little divine energy he would just turn around, and Holy Mother Durga was standing right next to him. He took a time-out for half an hour or so, completely submerged in samadhi, and then returned back to the world that the rest of us are living in as if nothing had happened.

How To Have The Divine Key

When my Awakening started in 2008, a Force opened up that was simply beyond me. Everything started with synchronicity, an encounter with ‘random’ spiritual messages that was just too frequent and to meaningful to be random. At the same time, my energy centers opened up and I received spiritual messages in every interaction, at home, at work, everywhere really. For the lack of a better expression, I called this Force that opened up to me the ‘Way’. Now reflecting on it, the Way is somewhere in-between the abstract and form. The Way shows Itself in specific events and is reflected in people, yet, it is quite abstract at the same time. It is a believe in a ‘matrix’ that is designed to bring us Home moment by moment. Yet, all people we meet, and all events that we attract, are specific symbols that helps us on our Home-coming journey.

What works for you? Are you a philosopher type like me who wants to understand the world of maya, or do you love a concrete God-image with all your heart, whether it be Buddha, Jesus, Mohamed, or some of the countless Hindu deities? Are you perhaps pulled towards God by loving a guru and find refuge in her teachings? We could easily sort all of the world religions by this level of abstraction, ranging from Zen, Taoism and Buddhism on the more abstract side of the spectrum to Christianity and Islam on the ‘God with a face’ faith. Hinduism with its 1000 faiths lies somewhere in-between.

Where Is The Divine Key

Lao-Tzu left us a book of 10 000 words describing the Way. Like an artist we are encouraged to see the Way in everything and everyone. He wants to inspire us but encourages us to look for the Force ourselves. The Way that can be described is not the eternal one, he said. If anyone were to appeal to Lao-Tzu as a God-manifestation he likely would turn in his grave. Taoism and Zen are the most abstract faiths. The world is perceived as a symbol and it is our job to meditate on every symbol until we discover the eternal in life’s confusing maya.

Buddha left the eightfold path for us, the right view and intention, the right speech and action, the right work and effort, the right concentration and mindfulness. These instructions are quite abstract and it is our job to meditate on walking the eightfold path. Viewed from that perspective, Buddhism is nothing but Lao-Tzu’s Way with a bit more encouragement to discover the eternal in the stillness of meditation. Sure, some want to make Buddha a God, but this is just the human craving to give a form to what lies beyond. Not surprisingly, some Buddhists warn us to kill Buddha when we meet him.

Hinduism, which could also be called, the land of the 1000 faiths, is all over the place. Thousands of deities are appealed to by the many diverse followers. The Bhagavad Gita gives the followers Lord Krishna to appeal to. ‘Love Me with all your heart’, He says, ‘and you are Home’. Consistent with Buddhism and the Bible, Lord Krishna also says, ‘Be still and know that I AM God’. For the folks who lack this vision or stillness, He recommends along the lines of Buddha’s Eight-fold Path, ‘be self-less and do your job (life-mission or dharma) to the best of your abilities, and you too will find the Way Home’.

Yoshua is a God with form in the eyes of most Christians. Yet, the path of Yoshua is not inconsistent with the paths of the East either. The channeled voice of Yoshua in ‘A Course in Miracles’ supplies us with the philosophical underpinning of the New Testament. We are encouraged to let our ‘older brother’ Yoshua, as he calls himself, to do the heavy spiritual lifting for us. Yet, Christianity also offers the more abstract Holy Spirit—the Oneness all of us belong to—and the communication vehicle planted by God explaining how every symbol fits in God’s Kingdom.

 It took me a while to figure this out, but the Holy Spirit is really the equivalent of Lao-Tzu’s Way and Buddha’s Eight-fold Path. Everything that we experience, and everyone we meet is a symbol pointing towards God’s Kingdom or away from It. The love for our fellow-(wo)man is really Oneness in practice. Together we are One and stand before God claiming our birthright. Spiritual philosophers like me find the Way Home one encounter and one event at a time, while more heart centered folks may instead feel called to appeal to God directly. Either way, love points us towards the Way!

Love is the Way! Love is God’s language! On the more abstract path we discover the Force we evolve to. On the most practical path we find the love for God and all Her manifestations in our heart. Most likely we will go through different stages along our journey. God doesn’t care. S(H)e wants us to just come Home on the fastest path possible. All path, Arjun, lead to Me, says Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita. God has endowed us with the mind to look through the maya and the heart to feel Her wherever we are. Pick the path that appeals to you most and see where the journey takes you. The only recommendation I have for you in contrast to the prevailing wisdom, if you see Buddha, love Him.

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