Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful Person By Ekpo, Juliet.E.

Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful Person

Be your own kind of beautiful Person The eyes speak volumes of each of us as it's the entrance of the soul.                        
Whether blue, green, hazel, brown or black, many are the secrets behind each individual's eyes even if the person be blind
Know this secret as a tool to help you in the beauty of being unique.         
For truly you are unique and beautiful though no one tells you so, for you are special, gifted and more than what your outer environment speaks of you. (Ekpo, Juliet.E)

The Beauty Of Being Unique

The beauty of being unique is not only in your physical outlook but in all your being. You are not only beautiful outwardly but the inner being of who you are is truly beautiful and that's what makes you special, outstanding and unique in the crowd. 

Your aura speaks volume for you, some say, you radiate something, they can't explain it but it's good, it's nice, it's pleasant and they will like to be a part of it thus they inevitably acknowledge your uniqueness.

Indeed, you enter a room and the gloom gives way to radiance, it's called the beauty of being unique, you affect everything around you in a positive light, it's the glow from your soul as though unconscious of it you are a beckon of great light.

Its the beauty of being unique with your very essence as an individual, do not trifle with it as its a cue and guide to your being special as in the midst of darkness, you emanate light rays from your soul. 

Many think its impossible but it's not for Luke an electric bulb that gives light in a dark room that's how you radiate light in everything you are involved in, its the God essence in you and for carrying it you are not only beautiful but unique. Unique because you are special, outstanding, intelligent, gifted and lovely, you thus become the light, the way and life itself. 

Many will then desire to get that essence but the truth remains that we all in our individual way carry it though unconscious of this fact, its embedded in your soul. All souls carry the beauty of being unique but not many have the knowledge on how to harness their unique nature.

The way you think is the first step to harness your beauty of being unique. Let your thoughts bring out the real you as in thoughts you create your universe and reality. It takes persistent practice but success is sure to come to you at the end of the day. 

Creativity is equally a part of the beauty of your being unique so be creative even in your thoughts. Beautify the pictures in your thoughts concerning not only yourself but your environment and the universe.

The next step to harness the beauty of being unique is in your speech patterns, just like your thoughts, let your speech be on beauty and positivity, speak well and goodness into your being, relieve yourself of the burden placed on you by the illusion of the outer worlds and create the beauty of your being unique into the very atmosphere.

The reality you desire is in the beauty of being unique. The health, wealth, peace, joy and fulfilment you crave is in the beauty of being unique. Love and tranquillity reside in the beauty of being unique. Therefore, seek no further for you are truly that soul that carries that beauty of being unique. 
By Ekpo, Juliet.E.
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