Be Yourself And Define Your Role In The Ascension Wave By Wiese,Christian.

Be Yourself And Define Your Role In The Ascension Wave By Wiese,Christian.

The other day I had an epiphany. I finally figured out that despite my somewhat introverted nature I am actually a born connector in our spiritual community. Many of you know that I am an author and always happy to spread the gospel of the unfolding Ascension Wave in that capacity. As a spiritual coach I also help others embark on the sometimes arduous Awakening journey themselves. What makes me truly unique though, I have an instinctive understanding where everyone is coming from along their separate journeys. I have always been fascinated by contrasting the faiths of the west and the east, the New Age spirituality movement, psychology, shamanism, and the traditions of the past. I have studied them all because I have an inbuilt desire to understand what their symbols stand for, and to recognize the wisdom and love in each of them. I have a craving for transcending the opposites, and a yearning for finding a common Truth in all of these different spiritual traditions. How easy it is then for me to connect the pieces and to be a sherpa for those climbing the mountain from different starting points. I am a perfect connector directing and linking up like-minded souls.

I also have also a great memory of facts, people, and situations we may have been in together for those folks I care for. Smells, smiles, words, facts, odd occurrences, facial reactions, you name it. When I care about someone all these memories burn themselves into my brain and only grow stronger and more intensive as the years go by. I often surprise the people with these memories, and they respond, ‘you still remember that?’ I certainly have a big heart and that’s what it takes to be a connector of people. Do you spot the irony though? Doesn’t spirituality teach us that time is a figment of our imagination, and that the baggage of time should be disposed off as quickly as possible? I also heard critical voices regarding my passion for studying the interdisciplinary faiths and spiritual orientations. Someone once told me that I am a jack of all trades, and a master of none. Possible, but again, we have to follow our passions, don’t we? 

I had this soul searching insights after I reflected on the amazing spiritual talents of three of my close friends in our spiritual community. I know we shouldn’t compare ourselves, but I did it anyway on that grey autumn day. Sadly, I felt that I fell short compared to all three of them! One of my friends is a prime example of someone who is living in the Now. Like a butterfly, she goes from ‘here’ to ‘there’, perfectly expressing the moment while I still sit there reflecting on what she just said. I realized that I don’t even want to be like her. Sure, I also enjoy the thrill of the moment, enjoying the satori moment when our thoughts stand still, but to me memories of special events mean the world to me. I just have to accept that I am wired that way whether I like it or not. To the practitioners of ‘The Power of Now’ movement I would say that the past can also be of value. The Holy Ghost restores memories. The past heals as we open up to the Now. Don’t be embarrassed if you find yourself reminiscing something that once touched your heart. Memories and reflections serve a spiritual function as well.

The second friend has a capacity to love that seems unmatched, certainly by me. I am blessed to have seen him in real life as well. Watch the love and devotion pouring out of his writings, and perhaps even more impressive, see him interacting with other folks and you can watch in amazement of how big the human heart really is. He will go to the homeless on the streets and chat with them, even hug them if the situation begs for it. I always have some change in my pockets as well, ready to part with it when I see someone in need. Otherwise, I keep my distance though. I actually find it a bit intimidating seeing someone in action who really practices Christian love. Well, as already mentioned, I have a huge heart for my friends, colleagues and family, otherwise I prefer to love the folks I don’t know so well from a distance. I am an introvert derp down inside and see no need to change my stripes. I accept how I feel about people and situations and figure that I can help many on their Awakening journeys as author, spiritual coach and connector. That’s already enough as far as I am concerned.

The third friend who stands out in our spiritual community has incredible intellectual boldness. It is inspiring to read his insights. He literally questions everything our mind comes up with. I appreciate my powerful mind way too much to go down this road. Instead of questioning the mind’s role as a spiritual trouble maker, I use its power of spiritual discrimination to contrast, consolidate and contemplate common spiritual wisdoms. I am a spiritual philosopher of sorts, helping others to Awaken to their idiosyncratic revelations. I look at everything, the top of the mountain where the enlightened folks sit, and the many pathways that lead towards the top. Occasionally, the messages of my notes conflict with those of my friend. He describes the blessed state of being ‘here’, whereas I try to help my friends who still perceive themselves to be over ‘there’. Encouragingly, my friend and I understand each other’s mission. Sometimes we tease each other a little but it is always in the understanding of respect and love. Both of understand our respective spiritual roles. 

I hope that the gist of these self-reflections is clear by now. It is fine to admire the description of the view that our enlightened folks tell us about. It is certainly fine to love and admire them for the superhuman gift they have given us, but it is not ok though to have their view of the world stifle you on your journey. Follow your heart and see where the journey is taking you. Stop looking at the top of the mountain perspective and start using your unique talents and drives right in front of you. God has a Plan for all of us. Everyone is a perfect piece in God’s divine mosaic, we just have to discover what exactly that contribution is all about. Take your talents and your passions, embrace them whole-heartedly, and run with them. Do you already know, what is your job is in this Ascension Wave?

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