Valentines Day Poems

Valentines Day Poems


I Love You Sweetheart
I love you when you smile at me,
I love you even when you frown.
I love you when you say those sweet things,
That make me feel like so royal even without a crown.
Happy Valentines Day sweetheart.

I Fall In Love With You Everyday
Hold me closer and hide me in your heart,
talk to me through your pleasant innocence,
into a world of bliss and care,
and bless me with your eternal presence.
Throw me into your pool of love and
dry me in your warmth,
only you are for me, for you can understand,
you make me fall in love with you, all over again.
Love you, my only Valentine.

I Will Always Love YouYour smile makes my heart skip a beat,Deep in your love, I feel trapped underneath.Just like a present from heaven above,You my darling are the one I will always love.Happy Valentines Day to you.

Be With Me ForeverLove is all that I ever need,Love is all that I ask for, I pleadYou are the one I seek my dear,With you by my side, I can see my future so clear. Be my Valentine forever and ever.

I'm Proud Of You
I wandered lonely like a dove,
Until I met you my angel, my love.
Now with you in my life, I feel complete,
You are surely a rare combination, beautiful yet meek.
When I look at you, I feel so very proud,
For you my love is like a silver lining even on a cloud of doubt.
Happy Valentines day to you. 

Be MineThe first time your eyes met mine,I caught a glimpse of our future, so divine.And the moment when you held my hand,I wanted to make you my lady and I wanted to be your man.I love you more and more, day by dayNothing in the world can get in our way.Please don't make me suffer any more,Become mine, oh my sweet little doe!Happy Valentines Day.

Stay With MeNot a day passes when I don't think about you,I wish I could show you my love, for you have no clue.Today when I saw your gorgeous face so perfect and fine.All I wanted to say is, 'Hey my Valentine, always be mine.'

Can't Live Without YouWhen I close my eyes it is your face I see,when I don't meet you, I find it hard to breathe.Sweet like an angel and innocent as a dove,You are the best gift given to me from above.Sweetheart, you are my one and only Valentine.

You Are Special
A day with you feels like heaven,
I lost my heart to you in few seconds,
You are special to me like no one is,
In you my love, I find happiness and bliss.
Thank you for loving me the way you do,
When you are around me, I feel alive and new.
You are my Valentine for time sublime.

Thanking YouThank you for all that you are to me,You my love, are everything I will ever need.I don't know why I love you, but I really do,When you are not around me, I feel so sad and blue.Be my Valentine forever.

Whenever You're Away I Find Myself Missing You SoWhenever you're away I find myself missing you so,When you're with me I never want to let you go.You'll never know how good it feels when you hold me in your arms,It makes me forget all my worries and my spirit feels refreshed & calm. Valentine's Day wishes to the one I love.
I Want You To Tell MeI want you to tell me that I am your best friend,I want you to tell me that you never want our relationship to end.I want you to tell me how much you enjoy with me,I want you to tell me that I'm the one you dream about in your sleep. Happy Valentine's Day My Love.
Dearest God Residing AboveDearest God residing above,Bless the one I truly love.Valentine's Day is no more far away,So please grant the two of us a special day!
Valentine's Day May LastValentine's day may last for merely 24 hours,The gifts may get outdated & dry will be the flowers.But my love for you baby goes beyond this day,I love you and I want to remind you about it every day.Happy Valentine's Day to you!
Each And Every day Spent With You Feels New
Each and every day spent with you feels new,
People like you are like stars, so few!
With you I find myself falling in love all a new,
And I feel honored to be loved back by you!
Happy Valentine's Day!

Love Is Beautiful & Rare
Love is beautiful and rare,
Love is tolerant and fair.
Love is a gift, given to only a few,
How lucky I am baby, to have found you!
Happy Valentine's Day.

Amidst Our Busy Schedules And Dead Lines
Amidst our busy schedules and dead lines,
Meeting you is a dream that is far by miles.
My life feels so incomplete without you,
When you are not around I find myself so blue.
Now that Valentines day is at last near,
It is finally time to celebrate my dear.
So I am sending you all of my love this day,
And also asking you to be my date always!
Happy Valentines Day to you My sweetheart,
You are sweeter than even a chocolate tart! 

Not A Day Without You Is Complete
Not a day without you is complete,
Without you baby, I can hardly sleep.
I long for the touch of your hands,
For your touch, is like a magic wand.
I love you like no one probably can,
Baby you are my princess, I am your man!
Happy Valentines Day to you. 

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