quotes about being a strong woman and moving on

A strong woman always knows how to use all her exceptional abilities which no man has: the ability to seem weak and helpless, logic, intuition and emotional connection.

Really strong women always take the criticism: they take it seriously, but not personally, trying to learn from it. If there is nothing truthful in the criticism, every strong woman will allow it to roll off her.

A strong woman never blames others for her failures. She knows that she takes her life into her own hands!

Strong women are fearless. They are not afraid of storms: in storms the learn how to sail their ship!

Strong women often make mistakes, `cause they always make decisions. If a woman has never made any mistakes, she`s never made any decisions!

A strong woman never gives up, trying to do what she really wants to do. She knows that she cannot go wrong with love and inspiration!

Strong women must always be clever. They talk too much but don`t tell even the half they know.

Strong women are smart enough to go through all open doors.

If you want to learn how to run the world, start with your family! After understanding all the moments of running your home, you`ll manage to run the country!

When you want to hear something pleasant and promising, ask a man; when you want to get great results, ask a woman!

Strong women are bossy women! Bossy women are passionate, engaged, ambitious, and don`t mind learning. Be a bossy woman!

If you want to be a champion, don`t forget about self-awareness. Self-awareness is the most important thing on your way to success.

Near a strong woman, you`ll find only a strong man, who was strengthened thanks to her character.

It`s difficult for strong women to live in the common world: strong women build their own worlds, attracting worthy people to share worlds with.

As a rule, strong independent women grow out strong willed little girls. Train your will power as early as you can!

Strong women make the world safer for men, while strong men make it unsafe for women!

You must love a pretty woman correctly, `cause she has the fire inside. This fire can warm you if you do everything right and burn you down when you`re wrong.

Pretty women always choose to follow the career, not a man. The career is not able to tell you the love is over.

A pretty woman can make other people wonder how she is able to smile in spite of all difficulties. Because she isn`t only pretty: she is strong.
Pretty women prefer to build one another up instead of tearing each other down.

It always takes a lot of balls to be a pretty woman.

Remember! Pretty women are not those who can be controlled. They don`t need authoritarian people; they only need those, who can watch things they`re doing admiringly.

Your daughter will become a strong and pretty woman later if a strong and pretty woman raises her now.

Strong and pretty women can`t be just born. Only the challenges of the life can make them grow mentally and emotionally.

Strong and pretty women can make even the devil say “Oh crap, this is her again!”

A strong woman is always different: fierce and delicate, simple and complicated, crazy and calm… But she is always a unique!

All strong women are impressive, `cause they`re secure in the unique way they were made!

There is not any person, who is able to dim the light that shines from a strong woman!

If you want to be a strong woman, be fearless, and nobody will dare to do anything; be independent and never back down!

Strong women become strong not by wishing it or by hoping for it: they become strong by working on themselves hard.

The marriage for a strong woman is like a business, which she doesn`t want to let fail.

Even when people or circumstances try to pull a strong woman down, she holds her head and standards high.

Normal things cannot inspire a strong woman. They always get away from normal things.

Strong women always choose to make their life the best thing in their life.

Strong women know that she cannot live long to make mistakes herself: they learn from mistakes of other people.

A strong woman is able to It`s the grates gift she can give herself and others.

Strong women don`t give up when they cannot go straight ahead. They go around the corner.

Always dance instead of looking at your feet to see if you`re doing it right.

A strong woman doesn`t need magic to change the world: she carries all the power inside herself.

A strong woman can say who she is without having to speak.

When a strong woman falls, she rises up even stronger.

Most of the strong women have ever been damaged. That`s why they`re strong: they know, that they can survive!

A strong woman is powerful: she has a voice, even when the whole world is silent.

Women are strong enough to step out of the history that holds them back. They`re powerful to create a new story.

A strong woman never let people mistreat her; she doesn`t respond to people who dictate to her or try to bring her down.

A strong woman is always in control of her life. There are no goals a strong woman cannot achieve.

A strong woman is the mixture of the power and softness, practicality and spirituality… She feels deeply and loves fiercely.

Being a strong woman is hard: you`re a role model for your daughter and the ideal woman for a son

The happy woman is the prettiest woman.

Amazing women are proud of they are today: all of them went through the hell to become a personality.

Every strong and independent woman was once a broken little girl. To become strong, she had to learn how not to be dependent on others.

All purposeful women know that doubt is a killer. You should always know what you want.

A really amazing woman is one who is able to lift and build others, who can not only love but be loved.

Don`t know who an amazing woman is? She is a woman who lives bravely, tender as well as fierce. She is a woman of an irrepressible will. She is a strong woman.

A strong woman was a simple woman in the past. But a man who isn`t a man enough made her look complicated, having provided the things she didn`t deserve.

Amazing women cannot be lost in the fire, `cause they are built from it.

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