The Guided Meditation Technique - The Silva Method Complete Guide


The Silva Technique Of Meditation: Meditation is simply a way of self realisation or conscious. It is a process of getting to the inner being of an individual through silent concentration of focusing on the inner rather than the outer.

The knowledge you are about to be given has taken over five decades to bring to you in its perfect state. It has been used by over  6 million persons in about 110 countries in the world.
It all started in 1966 in a small , unknown,remote town known as Leredo,Texas,U.S.A,where a radio repair man named Jose Silva made an astonishing discovery. Aside his full-time job ,Silva was intensely passionate about hypnosis,and how   the human mind works/ functions. He consequently spent his days repairing radios and his nights studying the works of Freud Jung and Adler. He studied for years but the turning point in his life came when he had an epiphany.

Silva as an engineer knew that reducing the resistance in an electrical wire allows more electricity to flow through it.,this is called Ohm's law,but then a sudden thought came to him thus:"what will happen if just like an electrical wire,one(you) could also reduce the resistance in the minds of human beings?" Would the human mind work better? Silva was determined to find out. So,he subsequently began tests on people using hypnosis. Auto suggestion meditation and remote viewing methods. Through these tests he found profound changes in person s whose brainwaves were lowered to the alpha and theta levels,which is actually the natural state an individual person's  brain enters when the individual is sleeping or meditating.

Silva discovered that when he could get people to enter this state while still conscious,profound changes occur s in the individual, and they became more intuitive thus their creative abilities soared/increased in life.

The stress in such individuals melted away/ vanished. He discovered that resistance driven energy levels spiked self doubt,negativity and depression disappeared ,and in some cases,the pain subsided and symptoms of illness vanished.
Let's think about this for a brief second. What will your life be like if you could experience some of this benefits?

For many people it was transformational. Silva spent over three decades sharing his findings with hundreds and thousands of persons across the world through seminars and events. He helped many artists overcome their creative blocks , and through this they were able to create amazing works of arts. Bach for example used Silva's mind empowerment training to help him complete his best-selling book.
Jonathan Livingston:"Seagull."  Which sold over a million copies and made the cover of the Times magazine were achieved through Silva's work.

Silva also helped employers of labour to train their staff,establishment such as RCA records,Green Mountain Coffee and Arnold's agency benefited immersely.
The training involved training their staff to awaken their inner power/ abilities and perform to their highest potential.
Robert Stiller of Green Mountain Coffee says;" Silva demonstrate d that there's no limit to what the mind can do/ achieve.

Silva helped athletes improve their performance through creative visualisation and laser sharp focus.
Russell Bucky Dent,a baseball player with the Chicago White Sox trained with Silva between 1975 and 1978, he was named the most valuable player of the world series at that time.He is quoted to have stated that;" Silva method helped me with my concentration and to equally relax my mind before the pressure of the game..

Silva even helped everyday people in the challenges of their everyday life,from struggling entrepreneurs to soul- searching housewives to sick individuals by teaching them how to reach into themselves thus their inner being( soul) and overcome the blocks holding them back from their ideal life's.

Silva's work has been covered in the New York Times and The Washington Post. lt has been studied and endorsed by scientists like neuroscientist,Mark Robert Waldman.

Universities like Duke University,North Carolina,The University of Texas and Canisius College,New York have equally used Silva Method in their scientific studies. It has even been used by healthcare professionals like award winning oncologist,Dr .O .Karl Simonton,who called Silva's method, the most powerful, single tool that he has to offer a patient. Many icons have used Silva's method personally and many in the mind developmental establishment use and endorse Silva's work including Jack Cartifield, author of "The Chicken Soup For The Soul " series. Others include Dr Wayne Dyer Shakti Gawainand Bert Coleman.

Dr Wayne Dyer states that: " anything with the name of Jose Silva as the author  has his vite, that before it is opened,the reader should do so with a pen for understanding."

Silva died peacefully in 1999 and since then his family and a group of instructors have continued his legacy through his organisation known as the Silva Method.
Today,the organisation is one of the world's most respected mind empowerment organisation with am active and passionate world wide community in just over five decades.

Let's take a closer look on how the Silva Method works.
The Silva Method is based on five(5) elements,which is the five pillars of mind empowerment.

1. The Alpha and Theta level functioning.

The key to deep monk like meditation is to enter the alpha and Theta levels of mind while remaining conscious. In this state,stress and negativity will melt away,the mind is quite and the soul calm.lntuition and  problem solving skills are enhanced thus boasted, creativity raises,healing amplifies. There's a profound sense of connection to yourself and people around you,but reaching this stage is challenging for most people due to the fact that mind shatters and distractions get in the way,but through his research Jose Silva created a step by step process to keep in the Alpha and Theta level while conscious, those who master the process can go from stressed and distracted to deeply calm and focused levels in just a few seconds.

2. Positive Programming
From the day we were born,our parents,teachers and the society have unknowingly conditioned us with negative programming. This negative programming and beliefs invariably sabotage us in various ways. It has gotten us hooked on bad habits like smoking and unhealthy eating habits and it gives us damaged beliefs like we are not good enough or that money is evil.
Tha Silva method has created mind tools that penetrate the subconscious and eliminates even the most stubborn  negative programming from within, but the tools don't just stop there, they equally reprogram the subconscious to adopt positive programming and healthy beliefs which also means a positive money mindset, strong self confidence and a natural magnetism for the things that serve us as individuals like healthy foods, positive people and productive life style choices.

3. Creative Visualisation

Many personal growth coaches and systems teach creative Visualisation but most of them ignore the single most important ingredient for successful creative Visualisation invariably, emotions usings neuroscience hypnosis.
The Silva method has spent over five decades perfecting the process of injecting vivid emotions into visualisations and about twenty (20) easy yet powerful techniques have been created for this. People who combine these techniques with their visualisations find their desires rapidly shifting into reality almost as easily as snapping their fingers.
Imagination really is the limit for desire, belief, expectancy or (DBE) everybody wants to achieve their personal goals but most of us don't know where to start,Silva's method has refined the goal setting process into three (3) key steps namely, a strong desire for the goal, an unwavening belief that it's going to happen and expecting it to happen before it actually does. It has created a step-by-step set of mind conditioning methods for each of these three(3) steps which keeps the mind in a perpetually optimal state for achieving even the most challenging goals whether it's to own a house on every continent,start an international business with over 100 employees or even spread an idea that could change the world.

Jose Silva spent 5 decades studying some of the most successful people in the world and discovered that a large majority of them live by a certain set of daily rituals(routine). It is all about the little things they think about or do throughout the day to keep themselves focused thus energized and motivated like meditation in the morning, a visualisations session in the afternoon or an alpha level exercise at night,after this discoveries,he formulated a set of quick and easy mind empowerment techniques that the average person can weave into their daily schedule to emulate these successful people. Techniques that don't take too much time or effort but have a massive effect on a person's daily happiness, productivity energy and drive, alright so at this point you might think, this sounds like powerful stuff but how actually is this achieved? Should l apply it to my life? How do l apply it to my life as an individual? The answer is through a set of mind empowerment tools and exercise s that you take up and it's not more than five(5) minutes a day. A few of them will be given; the three to one method is a quick and easy way to enter a deep meditative state,just follow the step-by-step instructions for relaxing your mind  and body, and you will be in a deep state of focussed meditation within five (5) minutes or less.
The Three Finger Techniques.
This method is for anchoring specific emotions and or information by touching the tip of your fingers, for instance, you can use it to anchor a happy moment or invoke the emotions of that moment whenever you need a pick-me-up or you can also use it to key into specific information like work research, things to do list at home or even where you packed your car at the mall basement.
The mirror of the mind can be through a visualisation exercise that access your subconscious mind to help you solve or resolve problems and visualise the possible outcomes whether it's something crucial like moving to another city or changing professio or in everyday decision at work. This is one of the most popular singular exercise.
The Glass Of Water Technique.
This method is about infusing a glass of water with specific intention, whether it is to achieve a goal or make an important decision, drinking the water becomes a gateway to your subconscious mind which contains all the insights and clarity you need.

The Mental Laboratory Exercise.
Through this exercise, you are allowed to construct your very own mental laboratory that contains every tool you need to solve any challenge that life can throw at you, perfect it, if you are feeling stuck or you are not sure of what to do when faced with certain situations.
What is so powerful about these tool is that they are so easy and enjoyable to learn. You can even spend a few minutes on them before your lunch break or when you wake up in the morning or just before going to bed, yet when you start using them, you will notice meaningful positive changes happening in your life. Creative ideas will flow better through you, you will be more relaxed, your intuition will be razor- sharp. You will feel more connected to yourself and those around you. Now, here's the good news, because the aim is to reach out to even more people, there's now a special multimedia home training program that allows you as an individual experience the Silva method of meditation in its entirety,called the Silva life system. It gives you all the tools, all the insights, all the mind shifts that you ' ll experience through attending one of the world seminars but from the comfort of your home.

Now, let's take a closer look at the Silva life system. This is a structure d curriculum spread out over ten parts, each featuring its own set of concepts, tools and techniques for specific areas of your life. There are over twenty essential mind powering techniques in the program, through the program, you will experience a selection of immersive guided meditation sessions that take you into the alpha and theta states of mind and you will receive powerful lessons and insights into your mind, you will learn and know how to awaken it's full potential. This is done through Laura Silva, the daughter of Jose Silva. She is the single ,most demanded instructor in the organisation and the perfect instructor to guide you through this life changing journey.

Let's take a critical/ closer look at what the Silva life system is.

Part One(1)

The Formula That Changed The World.
Learn the four step formula that millions of persons have used to change their lives for the better. You will equally learn the basics of mind empowerment and how to use your thoughts to attract positive outcomes, this also includes a basic introductory meditation with the instructor, where she will program your mind for achieving revenue by embedding positive phrases in your subconscious mind.

Part Two (2)

The Fingers Tips Techniques.
You will have at your fingertips the answers to the secret. Many people struggle to enter a meditative state,thus the easy way to enter into a meditative state and know the time to practice. You will learn how to overcome the challenges of successful meditation. Dynamic meditation is a process pioneered by  Jose Silva that allows an individual experience deep monk- like meditation in just five minutes a day, this part includes the long relaxation exercise which uses the three to one method to guide you into a state of absolute relaxation and clarity.

Part Three(3)

Strengthening The  Power Of The Mind.
You as an individual spend roughly a third of your day sleeping,so why not do it right?
This part gives you a powerful Silva technique for enjoying sleep and at the same time for using your dreams to guide you in your waking reality. You will learn about sleep control tips to get you into deep and bliss sleep and the mental clock technique.
The Mental Clock Technique.
This technique teaches and trains you to use your mind as an internal alarm clock. How to solve problems through your dreams by recognising the unique messages and symbols that come to you as you sleep.

Part Four(4)

Accelerating Healing.
Within you as an individual is the ability to heal yourself. In this part, you will learn a variety of techniques for awakening your minds natura healing abilities so you can better manage illness,fight depression and have a stronger,healthier mind and body. You will learn headache control techniques for those stubborn migraines. The Glove Anesthesia Technique.
This method of meditation allows you use your hands to alleviate natural pain thus activate your natural pain relieving abilities. The glass of water technique for infusing specific intentions into the water and drinking.

Part Five(5)

Silva Speed Learning Technique.
This teaches you how to successfully absorb and retain important information in your dairy life. You will be pleasantly surprised at and by your new found  ability to ace examinations,deliver convincing business presentations and even stop relying on grocery shopping lists. This includes exercises like the three fingers technique and the mental screen technique for efficiently accessing and storing information. Just wait and see the looks on your friends faces when you start recalling facts and figures like a super computer.

Part Six(6)
Finding Answers With Enhanced Intuition.
Discover how to amplify your natural intuitive senses so you can be more attune to the people and circumstances around. You will learn how to live in line with your purpose as an individual,make accurate decisions in every situation. You will learn a mind exercise for achieving mental clarity and harnessing your natural intuition. A special version of the three fingers technique specifically for amplifying intuition.
The Five Finger Technique.
This is an alternate version of the three fingers technique for manifesting desired outcomes.

Part Seven(7)

The Formula For Successful Manifestations.
You are trained on how to overcome the common manifesting blocks,and how to hold most people back,this includes a mind exercise that impacts your desires into your subconscious mind/ state so that you can channel 100% of your energy into achieving your desires.

Silver Method of Mind Mastery Training.
You are now going to be guided through an exciting journey into your mind and shown how to uncover the hidden abilities in your mind that remained undiscovered until a few decades ago. This  set of powerful mind empowerment techniques that zaps the ideas reality into existence in your life so that you can get more out of
Your career
Your finances
Your relationship
Your health
Your life
When you learn these techniques you will come to the realisation that the single biggest difference between people who have everything and those who don't is simply the ability to function at a deeper state of awareness while being fully conscious. If you have ever struggled with self doubt or stress or if you sometimes lack energy and drive. If you've ever felt struck or lost or if you can just feel that now's the time to take your life to the next level then you must pay close attention to this unique knowledge because when everything will come together for you, the question is,are you ready?
Relax your mind, take a deep breath and let's get started. Try visualizing what you want in your life right now is it a raise in your salary or a promotion at work or a better grade at school, a way  to expand your business, hire more people and serve more customers a way to overcome bad habits like smoking, overeating or gambling, a healthy and sexy body the kind you can proudly flaunt on the beach, a way to unlock your creative potential so you can write that book or paint that picture or create a beautiful work of art, a gorgeous ,loving soulmate who makes you smile and brings out the best in you or simply a clear vision of your purpose and how to give more of yourself to the world. Now, what's if you are told that it's possible for you as an individual to eliminate mental blocks,self doubts and invisible barriers that stop/hinders you from having all this by spending just five minutes a day doing just one particular exercise, the same amount of time you'd use to make a sandwich or check your emails, sounds impossible. Now its up to you to decide for yourself because it is possible. You must take up the process consciously yourself.
It is an effective way to avoid the dreaded burnout or giving up before you achieve that hard to reach goal.

Part Eight (8)

The Power of Habit Control.
Do you have an annoying habit that you want to get rid of like smoking, procrastinating, snacking etc, this exercise will train you on how to reprogram your mind to get rid of this habits and replace them with healthy ones that serve you instead of damage you in this exercise, the  instructor will guide you in mind exercise that harnesses the mirror of the mind technique for an almost instant and most importantly lasting solution to ditching your bad habits for good without the usual relapses and  willpower battles

Part Nine(9)

 Sensing Accurately With your spiritual senses , journey.
beyond your physical and mental self  into your spiritual self, the place where the purest, most authentic version of you exists, here, you will learn how to boast your spiritual senses by receiving and transmitting feelings, thoughts and emotions. Highlights of this include voyage/journey from microcosm to macrocosm.
 A liberation meditation, where you will use your spiritual senses to journey deep into your own cells and into the solar system. It will/can help you recognize the limitless potential of your being/existence. The mental laboratory exercise is for the construction of your own laboratory that contains every tool you need to solve any challenge in life.

Part Ten(10)

Getting Help From The Other Side.
You will learn to mentally create your own counsellors who will be your guide from the other side as you continue to evolve physically, mentally, spiritually and intuitively. You will equally discover how to project healing powers unto other people. You will experience a deep closing meditation where you are the creator of your own counsellors and guides and you use them to project healing energies unto persons in need of healing.

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