The Spirit Shinning Through You By Weise, Christian.

Spirit Shining Through My job is to confront myself over and over and over again until I am the clearest, stillest channel for Spirit to exist within.
Liana Naima

Is your spirit shining through?

Are we on a spiritual journey of sorts? Well, this simple question is actually a contested issue in our community. When I sent this question in a survey to some 20 friends for my upcoming book, ‘On Breaking Free’, about half answered that they are on a journey Beyond themselves. Three stated that for them the journey had ended—they already found peace of mind. The other respondents, however, couldn’t resonate so much with the journey concept. They either replied that they had stretches that felt like a journey, and stretches of feeling already at Home, or replied that the journey concept doesn’t work for them at all. Putting spiritual concepts in words can be hard sometimes, ‘the journey without a destination and a distance’ is not easy to communicate.

I love Liana Naima’s wording in the above quote. It depicts the image that one day we Awake from our slumber and realize that something has shifted inside. Typically something in the outside world shifts in accordance with the inner shift. We may change our occupation. We might hang out with different people. We might fall in love with life again, or find new purpose in what we do. For me it was in 2008 when I realized that something had shifted inside. I started blogging about spirituality. My interactions at work changed and I met new spiritual friends. Whatever that change might entail for us in the end, Spirit is creating a new Home in order to shine through.

So for me personally, while the journey that lies Beyond myself still continues, I have been put in a position for a while now that allows Spirit to shine through. So I myself would probably have to say that it is ‘all of the above’ in my own survey. Enjoy ‘the journey without distance and destination’ is my message. Even if the adjustment is a Process rather than a one-time shift, we can let Spirit shine through every step of the Way. For me it has been a Process and I received plenty of help on my journey. A healer connected with me early in my Awakening journey and helped me understand how mind driven I am. In the same fashion, everyone who joins the Awakening Wave needs a little help in the adjustment process, do please don’t be shy asking for help. Here are some possible areas of adjustment and growth for you:  

Be authentic
You may have been spiritually curious for a while now, yet it seemed hard to integrate all of your spiritual wisdoms in real life. The Japanese have a saying that we have 3 personalities, one with our colleagues and friends, one with our loved ones, and one when we are all by ourselves. During the shift all these masks are coming down. Authenticity means that what we think, say and do all coincide. It might be a process to get to this stage but there is no alternative. Being real is a hallmark of what that transformation is all about.

Open up to your heart
We have used our mind all our life to get ahead in life, as well as to protect ourselves. Heart and mind often battled over the question what to do and how to proceed. Along the Way there is no conflict of interest between heart and mind. After the shift our heart is doing the talking, while our mind explains to us what the heart already knows. As we approach the new state though, it can get a bit confusing. Which feelings are of the Beyond, which ones are still ego driven? It’s a process to sort through the inner voices but eventually we get the hang of it.

 Silence your mind
Our monkey mind is losing its grip over us as we shift into a new paradigm. Maybe the voice in our head never completely shuts up, but we are always aware of what lies beyond our narrow-minded agenda. We increasingly feel the message of the Beyond in our heart, just as we recognize the Signs as we talk to people or observe our environment. Often our mind is still, and sometimes there is a Voice next to the chatter in our head. Often silencing our mind is as simple as practicing our favorite centering exercise like meditation, yoga, being surrounded by nature, or some favorite method you might have. It was spiritual writing in my case.

Raise your vibrations 
As we shift to a new paradigm, our inner energy gets activated. My Awakening in 2008 coincided with a kundalini activation that put me in a state of bliss in a crowded conference room of all places. Yet, it was a mere appetizer of things to come. The kundalini energy expansion continued over all these years subtly in the background. These days I can activate my kundalini energy with the help of deep breathing. It was a process to get to that stage.

Get off the treadmill of living better in the future
The mind plays tricks on us, keeping us away from the here and now. One favorite illusion is that we are somehow better off in the future such as being richer, having more peace of mind or being spiritually enlightened. As the shift takes place, everything takes place in the here and now. It’s an insight really. The treadmill illusion drops like a veil when the fallacy of the mind is understood.

Let go off the pain of the past
The main reason why the adjustment to the new state is perceived as a process, it takes us often time to let go of the pain of the past. Traumas, suppressed memories, misunderstood conflicts. It takes typically a little digging to get our arms around existing pain bodies that need dissolving. As we do, however, they do resolve. Along a spiritual path the past gets healed automatically as life encourages us to drop the weight of the past.

Express your passions
People who live a passionate and purposeful life don’t need a spiritual journey, they already live it. All that the spiritual path does is to engage us with the unitive experience the here and now has to offer. That’s why often the people we engage with and the jobs we do change during the spiritual transformation, to make us fall in love with life once again. The intensity of the experienced passion changes though. Along a spiritual path we fall in love with life more deeply, while being more detached from the outcomes at the same time.

Target a purposeful life
Not all of us have to completely change what we do and who we spend our time with. The spiritual transformation can be as simple as having a new understanding what our contribution to society and humanity is all about. Our modern western world has some very distorted ideas of what is a high value added contribution and what not. Let the spiritual path help you understand how you add to God’s mosaic of human connections and services.

Read the Signs of the Way
The unitive experience is with us wherever we are. We just have to look, listen and feel. To the extend that our mind still rules our perceptions, the Signs of the Way often appear symbolically in the form of meaningful number sequences, surprising things other people say or do, or serendipities. God’s Voice is always nearby. It can be a process to learn the language of synchronicity but sooner rather than later we get the hang of it. When the shift to the new state is complete we really become a light-bearer of sorts, expressing Spirit wherever we are.

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