Break Free From Inner Conflicts By Weise,Christain

Break free from inner conflicts

The greatest healing would be to wake up from what you are not.

You probably know the feeling of having needles under your skin. You are unsure whether to turn left or right, fully knowing that no matter what you do, you likely will not be satisfied under either scenario. What is it that troubles you? You can’t live with or without her? You don’t know whether to go for that promotion or enjoy your peace of mind? You fill in the blanks here, what inner tensions do you have right now? I used to be full of inner conflicts and, worst of all, sometimes wasn’t even aware that I had them. Awakening confronts us with all inner conflicts as the goal of the ensuing transformation is that we face life as a free and authentic person, completely free of any self-imposed limitations. Life encourages us to face all inner conflicts, and helps us how to solve most of them, and shows us how to side-step some of the inner conflicts.

Inner conflicts only cut into our energy if we feel helpless facing them, or as it happened in my case, when we don’t even dare to admit them to ourselves. Once we find the courage to find a resolution to the tension inside though, we can finally devote all the conflicted energy towards dissolving the Gordian Knot. Amazingly, a transformation is set in motion that allows us to discover that there is part of our self that finally knows what it wants. As the saying goes, taking the first step is half of the journey.

Here is the solution to the inner conflict. Instead of maligning that life confronts us with this Catch 22, we should take the problem statement as a gift life offers us to set our self transformation in motion. We are forced to look under the hood and finally have the chance to discover who we we truly are. Our spiritual journey confronts us with inner conflicts because ego and Spirit are often in conflict about the things that matter the most to us. Even worse, as it happened to me, sometimes we don’t even admit to ourselves what truly matters to us often in the name of spirituality. We want to be kind. We want to do the ‘right’ thing. Sometimes we are even too scared to even look in the direction of what’s meaningful to us. So we create the mission impossible to finally discover who we truly are. As we let life’s problems transform our self we finally dispose of everything that is not authentic to us.

I was born with a hunger for recognition without admitting it to myself. At school I always had to be the best and thought it was my thirst for knowledge. It was only at work in the financial industry when I Awoke to the two inner natures—the competitive and collaborative—inner energies. I wore the hat of an analyst when it came to giving specific strategy recommendations to our portfolio mangers, and I managed a group of experts to figure the state of the global economy in a setting of trust, appreciation and cooperation. My boss jokingly called me a Zen investor with a German accent to highlight the two competing energies.

The strangest thing was, whenever I finally was in the lime-light, it was a good experience but not so great that it was worth running after. After needing years to even admit the hunger for power, name and fame to myself, I spent as many years getting there but then feeling empty receiving it. Then I finally discovered the resolution that made me truly happy and authentic, I zoomed into one meaningful connection at a time, and I use this recipe of success to today. In my prior work in the financial industry it was the personal connection with one investor, one client and one colleague at a time that made me happy. Today, it is one client, one reader and one spiritual friend at a time instead. I write books, I help clients with their spiritual mission, and I build a community of like-minded spiritual travelers. Sure, I would be happy to be a well-known spiritual authority one day, but I also know that I am as happy to guide and influence my friends beneath the radar screen, one connection at a time. Who needs to be in the lime-light when surrounded by meaning and love!

It took me about 20 years admitting the inner hunger for fame to me, and then it took me about seven years to find my own personal solution to the conflict statement. Hunger for fame and spirituality don’t mix but by falling in love with all the personal connection my different professions had to offer I managed to square the circle. The last inner conflict though—the quest for enlightenment itself—I would never have been able to solve. So many of my enlightened friends told me that the search is futile, but I was looking enlightenment anyway, wondering why I never found what I was looking for. A quest for enlightenment is an oxymoron because we can only wake up from what we are not, as Mooji rightly reminds us of. One day then the final break-through occurred, I realized that the institution that seeks for being free—our ego—is exactly the same institution that stands in the way of experiencing God here and now. In order words, we can’t break free because we already are. Do you understand? I was free on that day when I had that insight and have ever since. Likewise, I would conjecture that whatever needles under the skin you perceive right now, you will find the answer to it.

What’s your biggest conflict today? What may you perhaps learn about yourself because of it? What spiritual vision do you have to overcome it? Feel free to reach out if you want to brainstorm about your inner conflicts. Either way, discover that they can give you energy, insight and transformation instead of draining you. Break free from your inner conflicts!

The inner conflicts we all have are part of the growth and development of the spiritual journey so it's natural as though we are on a spiritual journey,we are equally going through human experiences and thus the conflicts will surface, reach out to understand why the conflicts and resolve them even with your interaction with others and do enjoy the ride,learn the lessons that life throws at you in the process,after all earth school is there to teach you who you truly are. Welcome on board and have a great time on your spiritual journey to  life.
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