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42 way to treat your girlfriend or wife well

  • Listen to her carefully.
  • Take care of her needs 
  • Hug her when she has a bad feeling 
  • Warp her in your arms when she's having a bad day 
  • Kiss her 
  • Respect her desires 
  • Treat her like a queen 
  • Cook favorite food for her 
  • Prepare a coffee for her even when she's sleeping 
  • Love her 
  • When you are walking, put your arms around her waist. If she cries, don't say anything just hug her tight and caress her gently. 
  • When she ignores you, give her your full attention. 
  • Don't try to flirt with others, but flirt with your girl and propose her like you are proposing her first time. 
  • respect her relatives and friends.
  • If she has done anything wrong in public, don't insult her in public and correct her when you are alone with her. 
  • Defend her in public. 
  • When she is quiet, ask her what's wrong. 
  • When she fights with you, don't fight with her back just hug her and let her know how much you love her. 
  • Buy food for her.
  • Buy fancy clothes for her.
  • Give her money.
  • Get her for a long drive.
  • Get her for dinner.
  • Feed her favorite dishes. 
  • Be romantic with her. 
  • Be with her.
  • Call her.
  • Text her with love. 
  • Show her how lucky you are to have her. 
  • Give importance to her. 
  • Reply to her text very fast.

Don't do these things if you want your girl will stay forever.

  • Don't shout at her.
  • Don't hit her.
  • Don't ignore her for anyone else. 
  • Don't abuse her feelings. 
  • Don't argue with her. 
  • Don't blame her for anything. 
  • Don't doubt her character or anything. 
  • Don't disrespect her, nor even in a joke. 
  • Put her as your first priority.
  • Don't hide anything from her. 
  • Don't order her.
if you apply these things your girl will stay with you at her last breath. 
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