Meditation is not a religion as many believe but a spiritual way of life. Though many religious organizations today embrace it but meditation is as old as creation itself. In reality all of life is made up of energies including man so we flow at certain frequencies and velocity and through this, we can achieve much of our ideas but first must man truly know who he is as you are not just flesh and blood but soul thus energies pulpusating throughout the universe.

In order to get a clear understanding of what life is, the reality of the universe and live an ideal life, it has become necessary to meditate. It must become a routine of an individual should that individual desire success to go into the inner self to seek knowledge and actualize it's purpose thus become fulfilled in life.

The basic form of meditation is just to flow without thoughts and close the eyes thus filter out the outer interference in silence, this calls for practice and patience. Many persons are of the assertion that this is an impossible task but it is possible. The individual is through this simple meditation going inward to its higher self thus soul as in truth soul has the answers to all the questions and knows what's best for the individual if only the individual will allow it. The closing of the eyes is to aid the individual filter out the outer interference and also the individual must remove all thoughts whatsoever and then listen, without an iota of thought, focus on the inner silence and listen quietly.

Everything on the outer is an illusion thus not real, to gain knowledge of the real thus the truth, it is paramount to go to the soul through meditation. The real is the inner soul, we are all souls, some persons call it the higher self but it's actually the soul of every living thing in the universe.

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