Your Path To God By Wiese,Christian.

Enlightenment—WHAT’S the problem?

They say be still and know I Am God, and you may have experienced this blessed state as well. Thanks to the amazing energies in the air, I now can consciously generate these moments of serenity, bliss and connectedness, but I would still maintain that we have a life to live. God can be found both within and without. WHAT path do you choose?

The Wholeness principle is what we old souls are after. When we have lived through love and hate, lust and renunciation, success and failure, fame and obscurity, we stand on both feet, with little to fear and little to long for, we naturally attract what we are all about. Being agenda-less, that’s when God becomes visible.

Everyone perceives Holiness somewhere. I have met my Angels and know who they are. I am sure you have too. Blessed are the ones who can see holiness everywhere and a spiritual path increasingly generates these conditions when you can. Still, there is only so that much holiness I can handle otherwise my demons start revolting.

AllThatIs is the notion that we operate in God’s maya. Darkness or light, good or evil, God manifests everything and we can use life’s events for self-discovery, or we can find our Self in it. Viewed from this perspective, isn’t every moment spent consciously whole and holy?

The Tao, literally the Way, encompasses everything. Along the Way we are whole and we see wholeness. We understand that we are divine as we walk the Tao. Yet, the Way also includes life as is, humanity, life’s duality and the ordinary. By being part of Heaven and earth we stand on both feet, always connected to the Beyond.

WHAT’s your path to God? They say many paths lead Home, and I would add that the Way is Home. Up, down, left, right, God is part of every step and every decision. Viewed from that perspective, WHAT’s the problem?

The problem is that we fail to understand that God is in everything and in all as He is all and in all,eventual we will all get there as we embark on the spiritual journey but the pace at which each traverse the journey defers for each. This must always make us know that even those who are yet to awake from slumber will eventually not do so.

Enlightenment is your path to spiritual growth and development thus the thresholds to the truth. Its the choice of every individual to either remain in the illusion of sort thus the Maya or become an enlightened soul. The fact remains that enlightenment exposes one to the truth. Many will then ask, what is the truth?

The truth is life,love,peace,joy and soul,thus the truth is the very essence of all souls,invariably, the truth is the source, many call God. The truth becomes a reality when one embarks on the spiritual journey as soul. Souls on entering this realm of existence are programmed with the illusion thus are not conscious of their true identity.

Everything on the outer sphere is an illusion, it is only when soul awakens from this slumber does he now gain a knowledge and recognition of who he truly is in existence otherwise, he is only conscious of being human but he is more than human,he is greater than what he's been programmed to believe he is. In reality he is more than human,he is soul. This programming as human can not lead him to his very essence thus the truth but as soul he can be led to his true identity. He as soul is unlimited thus he has the ability to create his own world. Thereby,through this consciousness as soul he goes through a spiritual journey of growth and development. Its a ride of a lifetime thus going through human experiences but he is greater than human,he can of course allow the limitations of the human mind to tie him down to the illusion or forge ahead as soul conquering all human obstacles on his path unto greater heights and come to know his true identity as being one with the source thus one with all of life.
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