Honour Your Soul Contract By Worse, Christian

Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray. Rumi

A married business man goes at the end of a conference into a bar. He gets drunk and picks up a chat with the hottie next to him. When they wake up in bed the next morning he might regret his indulgence, or he may feel satisfied and happy. He may have stumbled into this episode despite his best intentions, or it might have been out and about to have a little fun. Either way, life pulled him into this experience. It was his soul mission to spend that night with her. Everything that happens to us just is.

Soul longings are energy links. Life nudges us in the areas where our choices shape who we think we are, where we have lessons to learn, and where we have karmic debts to pay and perhaps new ones to accumulate. We show up and play our role to the best of our abilities. We wrestle with life and one fine day, we are experienced enough, smart enough, and perhaps fed up enough so that we finally can cut the cord and are finally free to move on to the next chapter in our life.

Honor your soul contracts 

I am not holier than thou, but thus far at least, have been smart enough to know that being married and getting drunk in a bar on a lonely night isn’t such a good idea. Yet, I am also no longer judging the business man either. My big spiritual break-through has been to realize that spiritual righteousness doesn’t get us anywhere. When we don’t follow the pull of our soul, we die inside. We commit spiritual suicide and that doesn’t help anyone, especially not the loved ones we want to protect. So what can we do but to follow the energy of places and people. We have to engage with life and only then do we have a shot of breaking free. Follow the pull of life with your heart and soul, put your best foot forward and then see how life responds.

Who knows, maybe the business man ends up meeting the love of his life in this bar, and unbeknown to him his wife is ready to move on too. Who knows, maybe his infidelity leads him and his wife go to the couple counseling that they should have taken years ago. My spiritual rule of thumb is simple, never regret the past. If it happened, it was meant to happen, otherwise it wouldn’t have happened! That’s how our soul contracts works.

Our ego is a psychological force that has been formed over thousands of years. It pretends to be the CEO of our business—the story of our self—but often leads us astray despite our best intentions. It helps to remind ourselves what exactly we are here for, but then we need life feedback mechanism and a sensitivity to our own passions and deep-rooted drives to know how to proceed in the end. Gary Zukav describes our soul mission in the following way:

Before it incarnates, each soul enters into a sacred contract with the Universe to accomplish certain things. It enters into this commitment in the fullness of its being. Whatever the task that your soul has agreed to all of the experiences of your life serve to awaken within you the memory of that contract, and to prepare you to fulfill it.

Do you already know what your soul mission is? Are you aware of the ego’s capriciousness and how it loves to throw wrenches into life’s works? What do you plan to do about it?

The problem statement for us spiritual folks is that all good-sounding and well-meaning spiritual goals may be another clever ego scheme to appear holier than thou, sending us on a never-ending spiritual quest with the implicit goal to fail miserably. Do not underestimate the sophistication and persistence of this ego force. Sometimes I see well-meaning spiritual folks and the self-righteousness and self-declared superiority is oozing our of them, especially when they play the role of the suffering and self-sacrificing samaritan. There is almost nothing that life can throw at them that can make them wake up from this spiritual role they play. The more they suffer, the more belligerent the spiritual ego becomes. No, turn the spiritual mission around. Discover and express the goals and drives that make you come to life instead of weighing on you:
surround yourself with the loved ones that make your heart skip a beat; manifest abundance in your life; express your professional passions and aspirations; stand up to your deepest fears, and so forth. Manifest the life you want and that you feel born to live, while staying true to your spiritual values. That’s how we honor our soul contract!

The reason why I started this note with the soul searching of the straying business man is to show that our journey is not about good and evil, or right or wrong. It’s about discovering who we truly are on a soul level, buried deep under all the conditioning and ego illusions. Life is meant to set us free, no questions asked what it took to Awake us from our slumber.  We are encouraged to find our authentic self in all the confusing choices life has to offer. If you carefully observe life and how it interacts with us you will see that it is designed as an opportunity to Awaken to our soul mission and to be mindful of the self-imposed interferences our ego loves to create havoc with.

Sri Ramana Maharshi once said that ego, soul and self are just fancy words, Consciousness is all there is.That’s true, but we can perceive this Consciousness only with different degrees of freedom. Sometimes we are blessed to be one with Consciousness just as we can perceive the blue sky on a warm summer day. Yet, sooner or later the clouds come in. Only once we are fully disentangled from all energy bondages can we be fully be one with Consciousness. Facing life to the best of our abilities is part of Awakening until all energy and karmic links have been loosened enough do that we can finally break free. Until that blessed day, let’s honor our soul contract!

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