Giving Birth To A New world By Weise, Christian.

Giving birth to a new world

You are not a bad person for the ways you tried to kill your sadness.

You don’t have to believe in anything in order to break free, but you have to be able to handle the pain of giving birth to the new world that few others can see. My Awakening journey started with an incredible energy experience of orgasmic bliss and with breath-taking synchronicities that wowed my scientific mind.

Many of my friends report their stories that similarly appear to be out of this world. We certainly understand each other and know where the other is coming from, yet we all approach the new world from slightly different directions. The new world can be seen, felt and experienced, and as we do, the old world slowly fades into oblivion.

Why should we believe in a God, I would ask, if we can see Her? Do you believe in the chair that you just banged your foot against? Yet in contrast to the sturdy chair our newfound world sometimes disappears, and to make it permanent requires real effort and devotion. In that sense going all the way is not that different from childbirth. As every mother will tell you, giving birth hurts but it is well worth the sacrifice.

We don’t have to believe in the Beyond in order to break free but we have to be able to face up to our self if we want to make this transition permanent. Face the fears, grasp the desires, smell the agendas that we and others are subconsciously after. I am in the process of publishing a book from a Taiwanese woman who broke free when she was still in her twenties.

It was at a time when she lost several loved ones in a short time period and she herself was diagnosed with cancer, so she was facing her own death on top of the trauma. She had a complete melt-down and cried for 9 straight days. Something in her broke in that period and when she awoke from that ordeal she saw the world with new eyes.

Some of you know that I make it a point to reach out to others in our community to share our Awakening story in a more ‘scientific’ approach. Some folks also reach out to me when they experience blockages in their evolution which puts me on a good position to  grasp of the process of what it takes to break free. We have a few staunch believers in our group, the Christians, Hindus and believer in the Islamic faith who are certainly well taken care of by the higher Power that they appeal to.

Yet many others travel a spiritual path, following only what they see and experience. So if you don’t gel with the existing religions but feel somehow drawn to spirituality, know that you don’t have to do anything but observe the mind blowing world we live in. Still, if you really want to get anywhere on this trip you have to be willing to face your self. Few do that though. Many love to talk the talk, but hesitate to walk the walk. Facing your self, painful as it is sometimes, is an essential requirement.

Many of us have experienced the high of the satori moment, the time when the skies opens up and time itself stands still. These occurrences happen by the Grace of God. Yet, what should we do in-between when the world seems mundane, or when the sadness, restlessness, boredom or aggression rises in us? How exactly do we face our self?

Well, have you ever smelt an agenda in yourself? Have you watched your own body movements and how they seem to be in conflict with what you say? Have you observed how you want to be stoic confronted with adversity and realized that the ‘you’ in fact appreciates this heroic and suffering role? Did you notice last time when you cracked a joke in your desire to be cool but you in-fact invited self-abuse or hurt someone else?

These are but a few examples of mindfulness. The times when we pretend to be playful even though we are sad inside. The times when we convince ourselves that we are committed whereas our headache reflects stubbornness instead. The beauty of the Now is that we just have to let life flow through us, but the the necessity of being able to experience the Now is also that we let the stored and repressed energies out, the anger, the lust, the sadness, the greed.

Life helps us to digest and express these latent energies but sometimes on a lonely grey day we also need to be willing to just sit there, in silence, and experience these feelings within, without fighting them and resisting the urge to escape them. In fact, the enlightened woman from Taiwan described that she spent countless hours just staring into empty space, observing her feelings and listening to her body. Her loved ones worried that she was losing her sanity but she persisted. Can you do that as well?

We spend too much in our head. We want to be good. We want to love the other just as much as our self. We also want our beloved love us as much as we love her. We want to fulfill the mission that we are born to do. There is a lot of want in these sentences. Some wants are noble, some less so, but every want is a deviation from the new world that is waiting for us. Noble intentions are driven by our super-ego. These efforts makes us a good citizen and a good dharma practitioner.

At work, we get the teacher of the year award perhaps, and actions like that may create a better world to live in, but they still don’t create the new world that we talk about here. Exerting all this effort to change the world for the better makes us exhausted over the years, we are also likely to abuse ourselves as we overlook the signals from our own body and our own soul. No, in the new world we really don’t have to work that hard and don’t have to think about others, everything just happens naturally and benefits everyone.

Many of us are caught in two worlds right now and that’s quite ok. In the new world we are experiencing our daily life, perhaps see something that others would describe as quite ordinary, perhaps talk to a loved one that others would overlook, and we go ‘ah, …. ‘, caught in rapture, unable to finish our sentence. If you know this feeling already you are very close to the new world.

To make the transition to this new world complete only one more thing is required, you also have to be willing to handle this ‘ah, … ‘ on the other side, the time when loneliness kicks in, or boredom, or sadness, or guilt, or lust, or greed; whatever the unpleasant association, just sit there and be one with it, without moving, without thinking of ways out, just sitting there and listening to the wisdom of your body, willing to give birth to whatever wants to come up. That’s the path to breaking free.

Take this last step. Give birth to a new world!
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