The L3 Motto: Live Life In Love By Ekpo,Juliet.E.

The L3 motto of life is an unconditional way and method of living life completely in love; love of oneself,others and all creation including the animals and plants. This love must be an unconditional one of no expectations from you from the recipient and that's why its called thus.

The truth about life is that you and all that exists in the universe are energies being emitted into the universe and whatever energies you give out irrefutably returns to you hence the need for you to issue out only positive energies into existence. All that  we see, experience and happen on earth are as a result of the energies we are pushing into the universe.

 The disaster s,calamities ,earthquakes etc are actually emissions of negative energies that have been going through the universe for long thus in order to bring an end to it ,the needful must be done.

Living in the real sense of the word can only be lived in the now,the past is gone, therefore, let go of it,only the present exist as far as you are concerned as soul, and as for the future there is no need to worry about it as many are apt to do always.

The important fact that you need to know and that is of importance is the fact that you need to live life in love else you have not lived in the true sense of the word "life" l personally call it  the L3 motto, and have often recommended it to many persons for happy life on earth.

The L3 Motto: Live Life In Love By Ekpo,Juliet.E. The L3 Motto: Live Life In Love By Ekpo,Juliet.E. Reviewed by julie sasha on November 29, 2019 Rating: 5

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