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 The foundation is centered on picking abandoned children on the streets starting from my locality in Nigeria to accommodate, feed, educate, and enpower them for the future and then spread to other states and globally with partners. The blog is geared towards sponsoring this project as proceeds from the blog is for this project. Every article read is to geared to give hopeless kids hope and our widows mite to spread love. Join us please to spread love as this is our passion on earth. Radiance of love,light and blessings as you partner with us. Stay blessed.

1.Shantel Ejiroghene Awala(C.E.O) 

2.Ekpo,Juliet .E (Nigeria)    
3.Zeeshan Siddique(Pakistan) 

4.Emmaneul Dornu Nwiido(Nigeria)   

5.Vera-Miriam Benson (Nigeria)               

6.DR Emmanuel Chika Nwokenna(Bostwana) 

7.Mr Uno, Lewis Egim(Nigeria)


I am Ms Ekpo,Juliet. E, an educationist by profession, a seasoned Nigerian writer as well as an editress for many years.l am 52 years of age and a mother of two children,recently turned a grandmother.    I specialise in contemporary writting including,script writting for film production.               
   I love meeting people from different cultures and nationality and my passion for writting has exposed me to alot of wonderful personalities globally. There is beauty in language, whether it be native dialets of individuals across nations or intenational languages thus language is a uniting force globally. In view of this, through language we are able to come together as one though we be of different nationalities. I am equally an inspirational and motivational speaker especially for youths empowerment and vision . I love cooking,reading,travelling,watching movies,music,and playing lawn tennis.

Phone number; +2348058713411,2348066831560

 Email; bveramiriam@gmail.com
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